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Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She said, "Sure, but not yet." As we've been together for five years, I was a bit confused, but she cleared that up with, "Not until your dad has died, I don't want him to ruin my wedding with a bad toast." FML
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  yuggi1  |  11

Orrrrrrrrrr...... The girlfriend was cruelly jesting. *everyone gasps*

"But, she had to be 100% serious, she just had to be! :O"
"This wouldn't have been a FML if she wasn't serious! >:("
"OP wouldn't put it up if she was jesting, like..... duh! >:/"

Okay, you convince me. She was 100% serious, she's a total bitch and deserves to live forever alone. (sarcasm)

  kirasant  |  19

Unless she was joking, OP needs to run. This woman is a monster and OP should count himself lucky that he got this warning before he married her. Run OP. Anyone that would deny a parent the ability to see his son marry so she doesn't have to hear a bad speech is a terrible human being.

  Ichiya  |  29

Even if her response was a joke it was cruel to joke about why the proposal was turned down like that. If it wasn't a joke I would have played the smack a bitch for $5 game. Any woman willing to smack her would win $5.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Going to play devils advocate a little. What if op's dad is a dick? It's FML, I'm sure we know toasting horror stories. What if he hates her and would dimmed negatively towards her, or get drunk and embarrass them?


Soooooooo, 64, because he might get drunk or be an ass, that justifies not having the wedding UNTIL is dead? I've seen a few of your comments and I have to say, you seem a bit sexist. My dad and my brother are huge assholes, but I didn't exclude them from my wedding. And if my wife had suggested it, I wouldn't be married today. Being married comes with all the perks and flaws. Especially the siblings.