By APetsPet - 05/10/2009 19:23 - United States

Today, I got an email from the company that manages my cat's microchip informing me that I had to update my information that had been entered by the local Humane Society. Apparently, they listed my cat "Coral" as the owner, and me as the pet. To change it, they needed the cat's signature. FML
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x0stormbringer 0

well have the cat sign it then


lizzilla8297 2

total win. plus, why is everyone here stupid enough to make fun of Soveit Russia?!?!

this proves my theory that cats will take over the world someday.

x0stormbringer 0

well have the cat sign it then

LemonFairy 0

You post the cutest links. *squees*

is this your cat? *WARNING* extreme cuteness. your head may explode into candy :3

#3 i hope your using sarcasm.

Ewolf89 0

No just put the paw in an ink pad and then make a mark on the paper with it

Owner sounds like a pussy.

i dont know how to respond. that is soo ****** up lol.

Mash your cat's paw on a stamp inkpad and leave a pawprint on the signature line. :]

And then spend weeks trying to find and clean ALL the ink-paw-prints all over the house. THAT would be a FML!

legendofdon 0

Sweet, I moderated this one haha

It's a shame that people who don't care are going to reply, insulting you. I really don't understand why some assholes do that, if you wanna announce to the world that you moderated this, then you should be able to without being insulted =D

You and 100+ others. You aren't special.

Moderating an FML just tells people you care somewhat about what goes on the site and just aren't here just for the lulz. BUT! It's still quite annoying to read a bunch of people saying, "Oh, I moderated this!" I mean, we all did.

greenltrn2003 0

yeahh thats jus like me saying...sweet, I commented on this

Oh, I commented too! I guess we deserve sushi now, because, well, we've boldly put ourselves out there. Ready to take on the world!

y'all are weird for caring

You cared enough to comment. (;

lol make sure your wearing your collar everytime you go outside or you might get lost!

You should have the cat shit on the form then send it in :D

slag_ 0

#9 roflmfao thats something i would do

slag_ 0

#9 roflmfao thats something i would do

Invisable_No_one 0

just forge it man like they will know

they would know because cats cant sign papers

sadiesykes 0