By APetsPet - United States
Today, I got an email from the company that manages my cat's microchip informing me that I had to update my information that had been entered by the local Humane Society. Apparently, they listed my cat "Coral" as the owner, and me as the pet. To change it, they needed the cat's signature. FML
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  Person1233  |  12

It's a shame that people who don't care are going to reply, insulting you. I really don't understand why some assholes do that, if you wanna announce to the world that you moderated this, then you should be able to without being insulted =D

  redbluegreen  |  40

Moderating an FML just tells people you care somewhat about what goes on the site and just aren't here just for the lulz. BUT! It's still quite annoying to read a bunch of people saying, "Oh, I moderated this!" I mean, we all did.