Honesty doesn't pay

By Hayls5 - 04/07/2009 02:19 - United States

Today, I was driving with a friend when we saw a wallet in the middle of his neighborhood road. When we picked it up, we saw it was loaded with cash. We drove to the man's house to return the wallet, and when we handed it to him he told us, "I would give you a reward but I don't have any cash." FML
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If not getting a reward is an FML for you, you truly deserve this one. Whatever happened to human goodness?


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Thats why you take the $$ or atleast some and put it on his door step knock and run.. Then he will be happy he has the important stuff like C cards and stuff

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. -Einstein

LOL Seriously. Don't do something good and expect a reward, you ass.

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The OP never said anything about expecting a reward. The man lied. LRN2REED.

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learn how to ******* spell

Nice try, #112. You're getting close to a grade 6 level, yay! Regardless, you're jumping to conclusions. Recently I've been keeping all of my cash in my wallet, because whenever people come over I get uncomfortable that they'll steal some if it's not on me. Even if he had $200 in his wallet, if that was what had to last him until payday, I'd say he is pretty strapped for cash. Also, there was no mention of debit or credit cards, which may indicate that all his personal wealth is indeed in his wallet.

"Recently I've been keeping all of my cash in my wallet, because whenever people come over I get uncomfortable that they'll steal some if it's not on me." What? It's in your wallet as opposed to... being strewn all over the house? Or instead of being in the bank?

all good deeds deserve a reward, and 112 obviously ment to spell that rong u guys! and besides most words that ppl mispell are intentional on the internet, so just stop bustin' his chops!

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Seriously. You only return lost money once. After you get ripped off the first time, you wise up and keep it.

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Wow I guess a lot of you assholes have a thing or two to learn about integrity. You find a wallet, give it back. If you find a wallet and take the cash out before returning it you're no better than a damn thief. In fact, you are a thief. You only give the wallet back to clear your conscience and make you feel a little better for keeping the cash. Any of you who would seriously return a lost wallet but keep all the money in it are pathetic losers. You don't deserve another persons money just because you found it, you're just greedy simpletons. Think about it. Say you lost your wallet, you would be happy if someone returned it, right? Would you like it if someone returned your wallet but took all the cash first? Probably not. So why would you do it to anyone else?

I agree with what 108 is saying. Return the cash and wallet completely intact, but not until you max out the credit cards; that's what insurance/zero liability is for.

I probably wouldn't take the money, but if I did, and I did return the wallet (I may feel to lazy to do so), I wouldn't care about my conscience, I just did myself and the other guy a favor. I got the bigger favor, though. And if someone returned the wallet to me with no cash, I may suspect they're lying, but I would be glad to have the wallet and the cards back.

i SO agree but i would feel bad to take the wallet with the money

Yes, because for doing something kind you should just expect to get money for it. The world we live in... I mean sure, it's nice, but can't you do anything without expecting something in return?

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oh wow haha , should've taken the $$ & said it was stolen :) Sike

If not getting a reward is an FML for you, you truly deserve this one. Whatever happened to human goodness?

The fact that he lied to them is the FML. And if it was loaded with cash, he could've afford ten bucks to show his appreciation.

Just because he physically had the money doesn't mean that he actually had spare money. It's entirely possible, for example, that that money represented a significant sum to him that he was using for something important, like paying bills or buying an engagement ring. Everyone is judging this man based on the filter of someone who was clearly more concerned with the cash than with the good deed done.

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Good on ya zargon. Most people here clearly have no scruples.

if you can afford to have that much cash floating around in your wallet, you can afford $10 to thank some honest folks who returned it to you.

Yeah, you can afford $10 to help some honest folks who returned it to you, who obviously saw the fact that there was cash because they had to look in the wallet to find out who this guy was and where he might live... Why lie to good people who were just trying to help you out? ****.

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human goodness? more like human stupidity. Why return a wallet full of money when you can keep it? I just know that a lot of people are gunna disagreee with me but I mean from the point of view of an intelligent person, the best course of action is to keep it.

Yes! If he needed the money, that EXACT amount that's in his wallet, then he doens't have any to give you as a reward. Like, I never have a load of money in my wallet unless it's for something specific... like I'm paying my rent or something. My rent is $1200. If you found my wallet, and that's how much was in there... I wouldn't give you a dime, because I obviously need it. Sorry. Anyway, this FML just goes to show you that there are no selfless good deeds. Next time, if you want a reward so badly for doing something nice, just steal it out of the wallet and say it was stolen. You can live with the guilt as long as you got some extra cash, right?

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Also, what if the guy didn't have any cash except what was in his wallet, and since he'd lost that didn't think of it ten seconds after he got it back? This could easily have been solved by saying something like "Oh, you have some in your wallet there remember?" and either he'd have said something like "Oh, no I really need that for rent, sorry. So glad to get that back, don't know what I'd have done..." or he'd have said "Oh! Of course! Here, take it, by all means, I'll forget my own head next". Its actually really disgusting (not to mention discouraging) how many people here suggest that the proper way to return a wallet is to steal whatever you want from it first... how the hell can so many people judge a guy for being polite about not giving a reward (not even immoral, let alone illegal) while encouraging the OP to empty wallets before returning them (both immoral and illegal)?

So the guy's not very good with words. Not a reason to get on his case about it. Excuse him for not coming up with optimal wording on the spot.

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Wow... she never said she wanted or deserved a reward... and it's not about the money in the wallet at all. She returned the wallet as a good deed.... ****, stealing it, it would be a bloody waste of time. take the money and if it was for something specific then she could have been caught in some serious shit.... you DON'T know what happened no one does, except for her, her friend, and that man. It's sad that half the people replying to this post are selfish and self centered, hopefully they'll learn one day that the world doesn't revolve around them. YDI, but at least your conscience is better than most..

No you not always can. I once had over $500 dollars in my wallet if it was returned I wouldn't have had any spare to give to someone. It had already been spoken for. I would have explained that though.

It wasn't that he didn't get a reward. It was that he did something nice that took him out of his way, and the guy lied straight to his face

I'll be honest, i would take the cash. Samaritan's reality: no good deed goes unpunished.

Eh, I don't know if I would take ALL the cash, but at least half. A finder's fee, you know?

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I think if you help someone, there's a chance they'll help someone else, who will in turn help someone else... And so on, until someone helps you out. Of course we could all be selfish, but for some reason I think this would be counter-productive. You have to be greater than that and act for what is right, not for your own personal interest. At least sometimes.

"I think if you help someone, there's a chance they'll help someone else, who will in turn help someone else... And so on, until someone helps you out." Its called karma

Lol you weren't really entitled to it...I wouldn't even say you did something above and beyond..that's something every normal person should have the decency to do.


I dont think i would have the decency to do that. Although the ultimate decision would be a situational thing, i think i would take the money.

Maybe he needed it for bills so basically he really didn't have any extra to just give. Good on you for giving it back though, lots of people wouldn't apparently..^

FYL cause you didn't get money... who gives a shit