By ritz - 10/09/2009 14:15 - United States

Today, I was leaving my job at a huge mall. I couldn't find my car anywhere, so I panicked and flagged a security officer. I cried while he drove me around for miles in the endless parking lot. Then, suddenly, I remembered. My friend had dropped me off in the morning. FML
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You should put yourself in an asylum, you're a total retard, you pose a danger to society OP

opps! im used to saying vid. i mena on this fml :) lol :)

people like u deserve to be shot. how do they publish this garbage?

people. i didnt say first like all the annoying people right? so i was wondering if yall can do me a favor? when starchild21 comments on this FML. and you will know when he does. tell him to **** off or something. please. hes annoying and he is making this website suck. it used to be better without his myspace loving ass here. thanks

I said this on another one of your comments, but I think it'll take more than that to get it through your thick skull: You're way worse than starchild.

zrjones, mistakes happen all the time. They obviously don't happen to you, seeing you're so mistake-free-and-all-people-who-make-mistakes-ought-to-be-shot, but extreme people like YOU should be put into a mental asylum.

What the hell is wrong with you people. Does everyone on FML have bad days or what? Sometimes people are forgetful, especially when they have a lot going on in their life. It's normal human behavior! I'm sure almost all of you have had that one time, when you go around looking for your pencil/glasses/phone etc when it's in your hand/pockets/face. I admit this case is a little extreme which is what makes it funny. Obviously this is a once in a life incidence for her and that's why she posted it on fml. So everyone screaming, you shouldn't be allowed outside, you're a danger to society and i feel ashamed of being a woman need to go evaluate life!!

Exactly what 80 said. Some people are bloody cold.

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i can't believe how rude everyone is saying that she's a "danger to society" (how immature and over-dramatic) and just a complete "******* idiot" and how "Alzheimer's patients shouldn't be working" and "only a woman..." could do something like this. she isn't a cry baby for thinking someone lost her car, think about yourself in that situation... you would cry, too, if you thought that your car had been stolen. no one here is perfect, and we've all done really stupid things like this, we've all let big things slip our minds before. i read the FML posts and the comments, and a lot of people on this site take things way too seriously, to the point of turning a funny, light-hearted sight into the complete opposite. some of the posts are stupid, yes, i agree, but a lot of people on this site aren't satisfied with the posts unless someone is saying "Today, my mom brutally murdered my father because she didn't fold the laundry right, then proceeded to tie my brother up and burn him alive because he cried and told him to stop killing her. FML" yes, it was a dumb move. yes, she probably made a complete ass of herself, and yes, the poor security guard was probably extremely annoyed. but that's the point, **** her life because she made a dumb move, made a complete ass of herself, and made a helpful guard do pointless work with a crying woman.

hahahah wtf? that's pretty funny. but good job, moron. i've done something like that before :)

hahahaha, I want to see this one made into a comic

I think the Fail Whale has beached itself on the Florida shoreline lately.

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Actually that myt have been that guards only event of the day OP look on the bright side atleast u kept the guard company

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That's unfortunate. Must have been awkward to explain! Keep in mind, though, that everyone has moments like this. :)

You ought to take out that security guard to dinner or for a drink or for a coffee. Plan to put out. He earned it.