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Ouch... but if its your house how do you not know what kind of bugs there are?

that was smart.


that was smart.

What are you, three? YDI.

yay this is my first comment! i want to thank everyone who helped me get this far and thank you all for reading this, my very very first comment on FML!! thank every single one of you!! what an honor! cookies for everyone!!!

Yay, Woohoo! Tell someone who cares

I'll I have to ask is , why?

#45 there's a difference, most MLIAers aren't And besides, they have a thing against FML. The only similarity I see is the name 'NinjaHarryPotter', - otherwise, I have yet to see a MLIAer who acts like that. They're usually a nice, witty bunch in a way that's different from FML's witty bunch. Maybe its the nice.

the funny thing is that he is proud of his comment... but that's what the comment is, about his comment with no comment in it. it's a waste of space lol XD

yeh, you'll find that most people who use this site are real assholes. don't worry, you'll get used to it.

dude no one cares

29- want a gold sticker? No one cares. Don't act like we should be so blessed to be graced with you small annoying presence.

Ouch... but if its your house how do you not know what kind of bugs there are?

and she said she used to do it as a kid. sounds like she forgot how to tell the difference between the dragonflies and wasps.

they probably just showed up like a random nest just spears an you don't know you dumb ass

stupid fucking bitch

Dragonfly's are carnivorous. :D Damn, I missed first by a few seconds of pissing. >.

YDI for being an idiot.

Sounds like Plexico's sex life...

It was the getting teabagged at the time of noticing some dragonflies with fine asses, followed by getting stung on the cock at the moment of entry. Which is close enough >.>

Quite frankly, I'd be more concerned with finding Plexico's even more elusive micro-cock, if you know what I'm saying, WINK WINK. But yes, err... fucking harlots!

Lol I see someone got the opportunity to find out about that ;) Btw that first comment was funny mercy, I lolled haha __________________________ www,

Every FML has to start with "Today." This could have happened a while ago.

Yay! Here's where I say: Toink!

Lol @OP YDefinitelyDI

lol my mum used to do that as a kid

you couldnt tell the difference?