By WellGroomed - 23/10/2015 01:19 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, I walked into my living room to find my housemate sitting on the couch, bollock naked, trimming his pubes with scissors. He's surprised I have an issue with this. FML
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This was actually a few years ago when I was living in Dublin. Never seen that movie so they could well have plagiarised the idea from me! Another classic from this guy: With my toothbrush in his mouth-"you're not one of those people who cares when someone uses their toothbrush are you?" FML

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"Since you're already here, help a bro out?"


vishwa_evo 15

Is your roommate's name Kumar Patel?

vishwa_evo 15

Whaat? Please see Harold and Kumar (part 1 and 2). Great movie :D

christge1beast 17

I was thinking the same thing! When he's using Harold's nose trimming scissors to trim his pubes, and Harold walks in on him.

mmmmm, nice. who doesn't love a nice pube couch?

Time to burn the couch and bleach your eyes.

How much do you wanna bet that when your girlfriend comes over she'll find a pube

A07 48

"Since you're already here, help a bro out?"

You just had to make it even more cringe worthy.

Im sorry you have a weird housemate, OP. But still, this is funny.

Confront him. Tell him that 1, it's gross, and 2, not in a place where you can walk in and see.

ThePandoricaOpen 18

I'm guessing OP already did, hence the "He's surprised I have a problem with this", line.