By friedchicken - 12/11/2011 06:43 - Canada

Today, I was following my friend to her house in my car, because I didn't know where it was. I'd been following her for at least an hour when she pulled into a gas station. Turns out I'd been following the wrong car. I have no idea where I am. FML
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Shouldn't your friend have called you once they realized you were not 1.) behind them, and 2.) at their house?


Good luck finding a GPS. Or just use your phone to call for directions, or something.

Yes, obviously you have your iphone, so just pull up a map. Or just ask someone.

You went a full hour before noticing.....YDI

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17, cuz OP is on FML, and the gas station probably doesn't have a public computer.

I'm on an android but its probably okay to assume she has a smart phone

You must be retarded if you think OP was like "gee I'm lost, well, better post to FML!" I would also assume most people who post FML's do so at their computer after the event has happened. Like that one about the lady having to pee with her wedding dress on? Do you think her first thought, moments before she was getting married was "damn I gotta post this on FML! While I'm peeing on myself!!" I doubt it.

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HEY! At least the random person you were fallowing didn't chase you with a bat because they thought you were a stalker....

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Lol so you're not the kind of driver whose car I could jump into and say "follow that car!"

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Most phones nowadays come with some sort of GPS, so try using that or calling your friend for directions. Hopefully you're not a long way off.

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1) Get current address. 2) Call friend for house address. 3) Mapquest!

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Lol I guess it's about time to call your friend then & at lease your at a gas station

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OPs car doesn't have GPS obliviously bc he/she would use it


Creeper car behind me... maybe I'll just pull into this gas station... Oh, wrong car? well doesn't that suck to be you! and dont you have a thing called a cellphone?

I'm suprised the car you were following didn't call the police on you for stalking...

How's it stalking? Lots of people happen to follow me on the highway. Are they stalking me? Also, it's not a crime in all states

I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty freaked if the same car had been following me for a whole hour..

They were probably right behind them too to make sure they didn't lose them.. Yeah I'd be creeped out.

Shouldn't your friend have called you once they realized you were not 1.) behind them, and 2.) at their house?

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that happened to me a long time ago... I felt so stupid I didn't call my friend cause of the embarrassment so I found my way to his house.

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Hmm I wonder what's taking him so long.. Well maybe he stopped for a.... Nap?