By dgilbs - 27/08/2012 14:50 - United States - Cheboygan

Today, I finished my shopping at Costco, and realized I had forgotten where I had parked. After scouring the parking lot for 20 minutes, I called the police and filed a report for a stolen vehicle. I then remembered I had bought a new car yesterday and parked it right next to the entrance. FML
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waste of tax dollars

guess someone shouldve had their v8


mjew 7

I'm a twit

shouldn't have said first

waste of tax dollars

Yup. I don't dial 911

It's ok, we can just make more cuts to education.

no child left behind lol

It's understandable if it wasn't where you thought it was. However,you forgot you bought a new car

Forgetting you bought a new car? I feel like you're a little too care free with money

revlisgt4 1

Uh, how does any part of this FML relate to tax dollars? Waste of time.. Absolutely. Waste of ice cream... Possibly. But to call the police to file a report just may be what the police are there for? Either way, panic button before actually panicking is always a plus.

62-- Police are there for EMERGENCIES and for preventing or solving ACTUAL crime, not imagined crime by persons that don't have a good excuse to be that stupid. Trust me, there's better things they could have been doing.

Do Americans have a police number that isn't for emergencies? In Australia we have a number we can call for minor things like disruptive parties etc. It's good cause then people aren't clogging up the emergency line for small things and police can then prioritize the jobs.

75: To the op, this is a serious crime, he/she thought that their car was stolen, which is obviously a serious crime, although it eventually turned out to be nothing at all because the op realized they bought a new car. It was a simple mistake.

desertrose415 8

106 - you could call the local police department directly, but most people are probably too lazy to (or unable to) go Google the number when they need it

Yes. In each state or city there is a non emergency number that is like a normal number. (000-0000)

Even if your car is stolen, unless you're watching it get stolen it is not 'an in progress emergency'. 911 is meant for protection of life, limb and property within the scope of an in progress emergency. Don't call 911 because you lost your car in a big parking lot or forgot where you parked your car when you were drunk. Look around some more and think a little.

dbt88 15

The sad thing is this happens all the time...mostly people forgetting where they parked, but still. Sad, sad people.

Oh hey I like that car. Oh wait, I bought one yesterday.

guess someone shouldve had their v8

What about if OP has Alzheimer's and doesn't even remember that he/she does, and it was not mentioned in the FML

3) *facepalm* I love that commercial.

estes816 9

Wouldn't parking right next to the entrance be the handicap parking? So, maybe OP does have alzheimers.

What of what of what if. Guys, go by real facts. Don't use your imagination to come up with the most heinous thing you could think of!

Jesus Christ. I meant what if what if what if. Auto correct is a bench.

BunchieRules 31

109 - Yeah, autocorrect can be a real bench sometimes. Was that intentional, or did it get to you again?

That's gonna be awkward I explain to the cops

You are so nice, explaining it to the cops for OP. it's refreshing to see such nice people around.

The explanation is fairly simple. I don't always buy a new car, but when I do I forget the next day and report it stolen.

4 - correction: "That's gonna be awkward." I explain to the cops.

That reminds me of Ted

You probably shouldn't be driving if you forget that easily..

More like #firstworldproblems

Strange. When I get a new car, I always park it so far in the back that no one would ever park near it.

You get new cars often?

In your lifetime, you'll have a few (hopefully). I'm on my 5th new car and when I first got it, I feared parking next to people that might scratch it. My efforts were in vain. It's got a bunch now!): damn compact parking BS!

kut17 11

The rogue shopping carts get you if you park in the middle of nowhere.

6, I only park next too expensive vehicles, such as a Saab, Mercedes and the occasional Audi... I figure they probably don't want their car damaged either. But then again, I just got my first car May 1st. >_> still protective.

I guess COSTco would've been really COSTly if it had been stolen!... That was just bad...

You tried, gotta give you that.

That's what she said^

Ur joke is amazing

Ur spelling is amazing.

tne201992 12

Both of your spelling makes me sick!

DarkDaedalus009 8

I farted so huge while reading this FML :)

You might want to go wipe.

How, exactly, does one fart "so huge"?

Why didn't you use your keys to find it?

not every car has a remote lock/unlock/ignition button on a remote.

If its a new car, it most likely does.

i was just saying there are a few new cars that come without the remote/automatic locks

RedPillSucks 31

Yes, but you have to be within a certain distance. The parking lot is huge, although the OP did say he parked near the entrance.

#13, If OP can't remember a new car, why would he remember a new remote? Or what it does?

I've walked right past my car that I've had for three years. After searching for a few minutes and wandering further into the lot I used my remote. I found it in less than thirty seconds.

It's an extra fee for electric locks on some models. Mine is a 2014 spark & it doesn't have a remote. My sister has a 2013 sonic & it has manual crank windows. It all depends on the car.

Parking lots are confusing enough when you know what car you have, so searching for a car you can't even remember you have must be very difficult.