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Today, my fiancé proposed to me. I was really excited until he asked, "Can we go halfsies on the ring?" FML
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I'm the OP. Let me clarify a few things. He's not suffering finacially. He makes $60,000 a year. I make $20,000. He bought a $3000 ring which was more than enough for me. It's beautiful. I don't want a massive rock. I don't spend all his money. I support myself. We live together. I pay half the rent

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Wow I am so dumb. When I first read this FML, I thought it meant to half the ring and have half each. I read 5 comments until I realized what it really meant. I am a total failure.


umm, considering girls family pays for the wedding he should pay for the ring guys have it lucky the wedding always costs more than the ring unless it's a big ass diamond

girls still pay for the wedding unless they're poor dumbass and obviously she's not poor cuz he thinks she can pay for half her ring

You must be 14 or something, you think you know everything and can't help but put down other people. atleast that's what your comments imply. I'm just making this up as an educated guess but im pretty sure something over 50% of people pay for their own weddings. The majority of people in modern countries are lower to middle class, only a few priveleged and spoiled brats can expect their parents to pay for their wedding. oh, and say you are right.. if the girl was rich this wouldn't be much of an FML now would it

I agree with 12 :) everyone is different with different situations, so you can't just assume the bride's family always pays for the wedding!

wait nevermind, I just read your profile, nuff said

I just love it when people call other people "dumbass" here, because their comments are usually a veritable treasure trove of grammatical mistakes. I'm reassured to see that this one is no exception.

Chaos- I believe the paradigm is shifting somewhat. For my wedding, my wife (not her family) paid for the majority, and my family kicked in for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. I think more and more couples are splitting the bill to some degree. Remember OC's (original commenter's) age.

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the girls family doesn't always pay for the wedding. some can't afford it with the way things are going

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um yea the bride's family can't always pay for it, that's really old fashioned. what if her family is poor or like my case, the bride has no parents? guess who pays for the wedding then? myself, my boyfriend and his family.

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considering the guy has to pay for every meal, buy the house, pay the bills ... well I'm just stereotyping women no aren't I

dude guys don't pay for everything, my mom is like an excectutive, and my dads jobless... he stayed home and raised me & my brother

girls family pay? since when was that a rule? im paying for my wedding out of pocket.

So. You want the rock, but don't want to help pay for it. Don't you know when you get married everything that is his becomes yours and visa versa? And anyway what are you moaning about, it's not like you are going to spend the money he would have saved over the years anyway... oh wait, you probably will..

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the point is the dumbass ruined the moment.

i think the woman should pay for half, makes sense to me she will probably cheat on him anyway and keep it in the divorce

161 - It's not probable. It's just a groundless assumption you're making. It's not common for a woman to cheat on a man, nor is it common for a man to cheat on a woman (which by the way, it doesn't seem like you realized). Sure, it happens, but it doesn't happen in most relationships. The same goes for keeping the ring. They don't always keep it.

-You, have, no idea. Ready normal people? -Ready! -Ready. -Ready! Reality check : ''It is estimated that roughly 30 to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage.'' (Just look for infidelity statistics in a search engine. ) 30 to 60%, that's very common to me. Cheating still makes one an asshole though.

Let's see. 30% is 3 in 10, which makes it not very common. 60% is 6 in ten, which is just slightly over 50/50, thus making it more common but not extremely common (as seen if the statistics said 80% and beyond). 30-60% is also an extremely wide range, which is making me doubt the validity of the survey conducted. Most statistics, especially where there's no grey area (yes or no answer, people) would have a smaller range like... oh, I don't know... 5-10% max?

"So you say you love her?" "Yes, she's incredibly special, and I adore her with all my heart." "So when are you getting married?" "She said we can only get married when I buy the ring myself. So this could be whenever I get payed enough/get a job/beg for enough. But it's ok, because then she'll be totally satisfied, because it's still 1910." ^ I personally think that's incredibly romantic......*rolls eyes* Go halfsies on it, then go halfsies on the wedding. It's not that hard to think of...

I disagree, suppressed. I don't think an engagement ring needs to be expensive. It's a symbol of the seriousness of his intent so there really isn't any reason why he shouldn't pay for it all. If he can afford half of a good ring, he can afford all of a decent one. My husband and I paid for everything else together. I didn't even want an engagement ring but I would've thought twice about saying yes to a man who asked me to buy myself one.

I agree that it doesn't need to be expensive. It DOES have to look good, and you need to like it, and that isn't always so cheap.

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dont marry him hes cheap n stupid

actually, sounds like the economy hit him. if op loves her boyfriend, why the he'll should a ring even matter?

Wow I am so dumb. When I first read this FML, I thought it meant to half the ring and have half each. I read 5 comments until I realized what it really meant. I am a total failure.

heck yeah! total abomination to this website. please leave

What does it mean? Does it mean that they each pay half of the ring money? Sorry for being stupid like that.. :L

thing is, what he should do is give her about 2/3 of the actual bill to Pay so that she might think the ring was more expensive than it actually was. she also then might, just might be more willing to pay the 'half' as it is a lot... or something like that...

Well if the man loves you then just marry him. You could get any old ring. It's the person you're marrying that matters.

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Exactly. My parents have been married happily for 33 years and they didn't even have rings!

so Im assume you said yes because you referred to him as your fiancé. that's kind of messed up.