By Anonymous - 06/10/2011 17:04 - United States

Today, I saw a man dancing to a Britney Spears song in his Volkswagen Beetle. I started laughing hysterically until he got out. He was huge. I was stuck in traffic. FML
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Say you are laughing because you just remembered a funny joke. If you're lucky you will live.


Say you are laughing because you just remembered a funny joke. If you're lucky you will live.

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Say you were remembering that fgagot from YouTube saying "Leave Brittany alone!"

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OH! That's what that YouTube video was...


i hope you arent huge because im laughing at you

20 she actually spells her name Britney

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#28 it's slug bug no punch backs not punch buggy...where did this new weak sounding title of the game come from?? My kids called it punch buggy too. I made them change it.

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stand up to him what's he going to do? I mean how bad could it be?? he was in a beetle dancing to Brittany spears. oh no better watch out or he might scratch your eyes out

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What's the guy going to do? Drag you out of your car and beat you? No. There's obviously heavy traffic and any "sane" person wouldn't assault you publicly, and if he did it's not like he can go anywhere after he's still stuck in traffic...

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I had some scrawny guy get out of his car one time in a traffic jam he was trying to act all big and bad. I had a knee injury at the time. I got out of my car crutches and all still laughing at him , told him to swing so I could kick his ass or get back in his car and STFU. a motorcycle cop came and gave him a choice of apologizing to me or get a ticket. it still makes me laugh

Lock your doors!!!!! Roll up the windows!!!!!!

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#32 if he was huge he wouldn't be intimidated by the guy he laughed at.

Judging by the comments, this definitely deserves a follow-up.

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Yea, or you could always play opossum like you fainted =)

Don't know what's worse. The fact a big guy is in a beetle or that he's listening to Britney spears.

Hey, Beetles AND Britney Spears are awesome. :3

Awesome for a specific market. I could imagine a stereotypical female 21yr old college student driving a VW beetle and listening to Britney spears. Could you imagine Chuck Norris doing the same? Mr. T?

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Chuck Norris can get away with anything

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Chuck Norris does not need a VW. Haven't you heard the fact? He just swims through land.

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Just lock your doors... Problem solved!!(:

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Gabriel Iglesias? He wasn't huge, be was fluffy.

This is a guy who has lots of muscle on him. Not a teenage girl. Normal muscular men don't listen to Britney Spears, let alone dance to it!

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Idont know why this got so many ydi's I would have probably laughed a little too

What the hell can he do while you're stuck in traffic, around a bunch of people? Not to mention inside your car.... Worst thing possible is you feel humiliated.


i hope ur not huge, because im laughing at you

You actually think he was going to attack you in a traffic jam? That's borderline paranoia, isn't it now?

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Don't judge people on their music :P sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way

Op laughed because it is pretty funny to see. If the guy wants to listen to Britney spears in a vw, that's fine, but it's still funny.

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OP wasn't judging. OP was just laughing. So that's not judging. Make sure your comment actually makes sense before you post it.

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This of how different this FML would be if he was actually in Britney Spears, listening to the beatles.

Big guy + in a beetle + dancing to a britney spears song = HILARIOUS = profit Whats wrong with you?

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Hahaha I would have laughed to!! He won't do anything, you're in traffic :)