By oopsie - 24/05/2009 14:50 - Canada

Today, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. It was a man with a speech impediment, and I began imitating him. He was the manager of a store I applied at. He wanted to arrange an interview. FML
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why would you imitate him? that's pretty rude.. ydi.

Definitely deserved that. It is never okay to be rude that way.


why would you imitate him? that's pretty rude.. ydi.

This FML reminds me of that Amanda Show skit with the old man... haha.

you ******! I have a speech impedament! i hate people like you, go die in hell!

That's really rude. Ydi for being an immature asshole

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you're a ******* ass. I hate people like you. People can't choose to not have a speech impediment.

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wow I hate ******* assholes like you.

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U deserve it bitch y would u do it in the first place go **** urself

Lol all of us have broken the no putting up shocking or hateful comments but he still deserves it go get fingered by wolverine you dumb sl*t people like you should have an issue like that so you can feel there everyday lives. Rude stingy b**t**d

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I don't have one, but I agree with you that people like him should die.

I know why people make fun of people with speech impediments and it's a completely understandable reason. It's because they're assholes.

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I can't stand it when people imitate the voices of people with speech impediments. Seriously, how ******* inconsiderate can you get??

Definitely deserved that. It is never okay to be rude that way.

yup. maybe if it was phrased like "i inadvertently" it might deserve the fyl's it got. My sister picks up accents quickly. So I can always tell if she's on the phone with people from another region (like my ILs... they have a youpper accent)

I've got a slight lisp and my confidence was completely shot from a young age because of arseholes taking the piss. This guy deserved it, completely.

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You deserved that. That was completely rude. You're a jerk for that and deserve to be burned at the stake. How's abou we imitate YOUR flaws?!

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...Why would doing that even cross your mind? YDI. So rude and disrespectful. You must be a very accepting person, huh?

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Why the hell would you do something like that? Wow, you deserve it. Poor guy...

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YDI, don't be a jerk. Maybe this will teach you a lesson not to be such a judgmental, mean-spirited, nasty person.

It shouldn't be FYL because you lost the interview, but FYL because you're a pretty horrid person.