By Roostermann25 - 31/05/2016 01:34 - United States - Lebanon

Today, while meeting some of the big boss guys at my new job, one of the men sneezed on his hand and then grabbed mine for a handshake. I felt every gooey bit of his snot between our hands. FML
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That is not very hygienic. He should have nose this.

Just go ahead and chop that hand off, OP. Just to be safe.


That's gross! But at least you have a new job. Congrats!

That is not very hygienic. He should have nose this.

Suaria 38

Don't you know OP that is their way of making a secret handshake?

He should have washed his hands what a duscuting person

You could've NOT given him a handshake. It's a very valid option.

I've never seen someone just grab another person's hand and shake it. This guy has all kinds of I'll mannerisms.

Eew I wouldn't have let him touch my hand. Or offer him my other hand.

You don't shake with your other hand unless you physically can't use the right one. Traditionally, you only shake with your right hand.

amazing....that you accepted his handshake lol Pass him a tissue to give him a hint?