By shaunaaa - 17/02/2011 10:39 - Australia

Today, I was in science class studying dead insects for biology. After packing away the jars, I noticed a red-back spider on the bench. Thinking it was missing from a jar, I picked it up. It wasn't missing. It was alive. FML
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Also this is Australia. AKA the Land of Everything Trying To Kill You. I assume the spider is venomous.

it's poisonous. obviously op would be scared. they can kill ppl


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Today, I was just relaxing on the table, when suddenly a stupid girl picked me up and thought I was a fake spider, when clearly I am the real one. Then she threw me away screaming, so much for relaxing. FML

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it's poisonous. obviously op would be scared. they can kill ppl

Somehow I think if the OP was scared of spiders, they wouldn't have been studying dead insects. Unless they were forced to, but then I think that they'd probably not have gone near the stray on in the first place.

Also this is Australia. AKA the Land of Everything Trying To Kill You. I assume the spider is venomous.

I wouldn't want to be NEAR a DEAD spider :/

haven't you seen that commercial with the spider and the guy trys to kill it and the spider flips him

Australian has a lot of the most venomous animals in the world. The redback is one of them.

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are you muscular? can you see clearly now? how about climbing walls and such? you might be turning into SPIDERMAN!

The Redback Spider has been responsible for 14 deaths in Australia. There's an antivenin now, but they still need to be treated with a reasonable amount of respect. Funnily enough, they're not the scariest spiders in Australia, just somewhat deadly.

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28- LOL that was a funny commercial

21 you're a pussy. Listen to yourself. A dead spider. I suppose it's going to come to life?

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@51 I hope you realize some people are deathly afraid of spiders, even if they're dead. I'm sure you have some type of fear so don't go call people a "pussy" for being afraid of something.

Nah. But have you ever seen the movie "Arachnophobia"?

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I love the giant spiders but if I see a tiny one dead or alive I'll freak out..:/ imma freak

red backs kill the elderly or very young. you might throw up and get a fever but an ice pack on the wound is the best course of action. The red back is no where near the worst. We have the most venomous snake (eastern/western taipan) but I don't think we have the worst spider

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I'm pretty sure that of an animal is australian it must be the most dangerous on earth.

you ain't seen nothing till you have experienced a drop bear

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we do have the most deadliest spider, the funnel-web spider is in the top four, for the most deadliest spiders of the world, and can kill you in a matter of hours if, when If bites you, it releases venom, which it sometimes doesn't. But there hasn't been many deaths since the antivenin was made years ago. :3

some people have severe arachnaphobias, I'm one of them tbh, i don't go near FAKE ones because I get panic attacks, it's a common fear, **** up and learn something, k?

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Even the trees in Australia can kill you. Gum tree limbs can fall on you and Eucalyptus trees can explode. I am not kidding.

We do actually, the redback spider is the second most venomous spider in the world, second only to the funnelweb spider and both are native to Australia.

Red backed, I only know of one spider like that... And it's ******* deadly

Red and Black in Australia means deathly poisonous. Idiot.

Redback spiders are highly poisonous and are known to kill humans. =/

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No. Red back spiders are found in Australia. Black widow spiders are found in America, I believe.

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There has never been a death due to a red back spider.... Ur an idiot... Just very very painful

Your an idiot red back spiders are highly deadly,

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Aah I would have screamed! spiders scare the crap out of me.

I wouldn't even go near a dead one, I'm that scared of the things it's not funny.

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why didnt you kill that f*****g insect?

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lol @40 I still wouldn't have touched it.. only to kill it

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40, congratulations are in order; you nearly made me spew the food i was chewing onto my keyboard. :) |the kid|

Black widows aren't very poisonous. Red backs are.

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ur a ******* retard. black widows have some of the most toxic venom in all of nature

Thats not very polite.  Maybe instead of getting angry, you should try backing up your argument with actual facts.  I say black widows aren't that bad because they have a neurotoxin in their venom that is pretty toxic, but isn't likely to kill an adult with a healthy immune system.  The species hasn't killed a single person in the US since the 1980's when they started keeping records.  They have a bad reputation, merely because they are the second most venomous spider in the states.  Our spider venom is pitiful in comparison to the venom of their Australian relatives.  I'm therefore going to make the inference that a black widow is nothing compared to a red-back, although I could be wrong, because as I said, I know nothing about red-backs.

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Redback spiders are a member of the Latrodectus family, or widow family. The venom of the redback and its effects are pretty much the same as that of a black widow.

Yayyy intelligent response. As I said, I don't know much about the red-back. :)

Shouldn't you know how to deal with such spiders? Or at least, I'm guessing you knew it was poisonous, which means that you should know to check before you pick it up.

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Very few Australians wouldn't know a red back is poisoness but that doesn't mean we know how to handle them. Keeping the nature if the science lab in mind, I think this is a reasonable mistake. Although highly venomous, it's not extremely common so it's a mighty coincidence to see a living one while doing a lab on spiders.

I'm not saying the OP should know every detail about handling things, but if I encountered a poisonous spider, I think I'd check it was dead before going to pick it up with my hands. Maybe that's just me though.

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im an arachniphobic so i dont blame her