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Today, I swam in a race against all of the girls in the midwest in the hardest, longest, most grueling race you can swim. I won. Happy but so tired I could barely move, I looked up to see my time. I had been disqualified. For flinching. Before the race started. FML
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  poopydutchman  |  2

I would just like to say that its not really a flinch caused by something coming at you. it's more like an involuntary muscle contraction. even though that's a "flinch" you're not really reacting to something you're more twitch. more along the lines of blinking or breathing

  teentee401  |  36

219: The FML says she flinched "before the race started." That means when she flinched, they could've blown a whistle or something before all of the swimmers started

  madaoxsan  |  9

that might work for some transcendentalist playing shogi or something, but this lady is a COMPETITIVE swimmer. Practice is for "journeys" this shit is for all the marbles (gold, silver, and bronze). And she didn't get not one. Not even the dented one. I understand you're saying she should look on the bright side--in all actuality, unless she got ahead of them she really did "win". I agree. She whupped their arses. But to say that kinda adds insult to injury.

I'M SORRY OP. Those bastards were unfair. I feel your pain and share your ire. FYL
and F them.