By kaileigh10 - 18/05/2011 03:04

Today, I threw a surprise birthday party for my 3 year old. There was music, snacks and lots of toys. My 3 year old is a cat. FML
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kaileigh10 tells us more.

I agree! How is a baby going to change my life. that was a stupid suggestion.


anyone else beside you and your cat there at least ? :P

so umm... how will you explain THAT to your friends?

At least your cat was happy! :D That's all that matters. Hope she received catnip for her birthday!

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Yes 41, that's all that matters. :

Guys, what is this feeling I'm getting? It's like I'm sinking, curses; I do believe I'm experiancing pity. Op, get out more for Christs sake.

40, by the sound of it, OP has no friends.

original post.. and wow op... that's kinda sad...

25, not that it's any of my business, but why do you always post replies to #1?? Again, I don't care, but I'm just curious :) P.S. Giggity!!!!

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techweed, my guess is that 25 doesn't want to scroll through all of it. And OP, ydi. You didn't have to throw the party. You could have gone out and partied with people instead.

so other people see her post. instead of being last on all the pages.

I would like this but uh.. the number is 69,. haha.

That's what OP is doing. The party's really just an excuse to have friends over.

She has a life. She just isn't using it wisely

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I hate when people give thumbs down when something Is true... truth hurts

it's called pet are part of your family or she/he is lonely

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she is lonely or else she wouldn't have posted this fml.

there was music, snacks, and lots of toys... and apparently not many humans?

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She has one cat. Can someone say JuDgEmEnTaL jErK.?

tayisninja, you're stupid. Te point of this fml is that OP knows she is a crazy cat lady, because she threw a surprise party with toys and food and more...for a cat.

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I was reading this FML expecting something stupid like "my kid never said thank you" ... my jaw literally dropped when I read the last line.

wow that is really sad go out and find someone

were there any other guests at this party??

That is extremely sad. Get some friends and spend your money on other, more useful things. FYL.

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forget bout that cat let's talk bout urs ;)

yeah jpabla, lets talk to a 16 year old about her "cat". and by the way you are 19 now so quit wearing your high school jacket. not cool.

57 doesnt look 19 at all. the girl doesnt look 16 either.

catnip all around ^_^ just like the cat orgy from south park duh.... winning

hahhaa I feel bad for this person, but ur comment is straight up hilarious!

her cat is like her, no friends. unless she has 27 1/2 cats.

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Dont be so negative, markymark. Have you ever basted and roasted half a cat and then ate it? Good stuff. I shared it with my german shepherd.

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step one. give me your cat. step two. let's eat dinner step three. move on with your life.

Hahaha seriously you'd think she would realize beforehand - why not be like me and just admit you're a crazy cat lady and it rules.

hmm planning on eating some pussy are you