By cassie611 - 13/03/2014 18:26 - United States - Houston

Today, we finally moved into our new home, which my husband and I got mostly so our kids could have fun in the spacious backyard. The moment they stepped into the backyard, they were terrorized by the neighbor's dogs, and now refuse to go outside. FML
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cassie611 tells us more.

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OP here, set things straight, our Realtor told us they had SMALL dogs, these are not little animals as she claimed them to be. Yes we do have a fence, I would not have taken it lightly if the dogs were in our yard scaring them. My kids are 2 & 1 so the loud barking and jumping on the fence does scare them. I do plan on talking to the neighbor but my 1 year old is scared of dogs period so introducing them will not help. I plan on talking to the neighbors and seeing if maybe an hour or so a day when my kids go outside if they can bring the dogs in. I hope a compromise can be made..

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Time to face one's fears...and invest in a fence...

Good fences make good neighbors.


Time to face one's fears...and invest in a fence...

Bear Grylls: Fence is your key to survival

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And eating bugs and feces

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As someone whom is afraid of dogs... Fences don't help.

Weren't they there when you first looked at the house?

Dogs aren't outside 24/7. Even if the dogs were out when OP was looking at the house, I doubt she realized how loud and scary they could be to her children.

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Where does it say large dogs? And why wouldn't someone have large indoor dogs? Dobermans (as with any breed, big or small) can make great family dogs anyways.

you obviously don't know dog owners then

My uncle let his horse go inside his house. lol I have a half lab half great Dane(supposedly ) she will be an inside dog no matter how big she gets.

I have 2 German Shepherds. Good luck telling them that dogs are meant to live outside.

my mom have a grand danoirs dog, she is inside. my uncle and his wife have two dobbermans, both inside. Som crazy dog lady I once visited had three grand danoirs dogs inside!

@48 Doberman's are an inside dog period. They have no body fat and have only a single coat. They were breed to be personal protection dogs and be by your side day and night. Which is why the tax collector breed them for that reason. Also where did OP say it was a doberman? Try not to be so ignorant. Dogs do not belong in a dog house they belong with their family.

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I've never heard of somebody having a dog that they didn't let indoors. Seems cruel to me, although I also live in a place where the dog would freeze to death in winter if you did that.

Good fences make good neighbors.

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Agreed! Hopefully, OP and the neighbors will be friendly towards each other and will laugh about this in the future. Perhaps the dogs need to warm up to new people. My guess is this will all pass!

And here I thought distance made good neighbors. Maybe if you combine the two you get great neighbors. I think I have some construction to do. Has anyone seen the barbed wire?

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You took that from a poem... Cheater I say!

The neighbor needs to control their dogs. Or you guys could invest in a fence. Or both.

My dog isn't a barker normally. When the people who lived behind me moved out after a fire for almost a year came back, the first few days Sid went nuts if he was out because he didn't recognize them. He completely ignores them now because he knows they are suppose to be there. Maybe the dogs need time to adjust. Worth talking with the neighbor to see if the dogs and kids can be introduced in a controlled way. Honestly though, if Sid barks outside, I only correct him if it lasts longer then 5 minutes. He usually stops on his own after 30 seconds and I am not correcting him when he alerts me that something is off.

They don't always need to control their dogs. My dad took one of our dogs (a doberman/Rottweiler mix) to work and had him in the truck as Dad went to get his check. He didn't bark or anything, he's a sweety. When dad got out to walk in the building quick, all of the guys he works with were behind a company car... Sometimes looks are scary, but deceiving.

It's natural for dogs to bark when something new shows up- it's how they warn and protect their families. Also, why is everyone assuming there is no fence? We had 6 foot fencing, and our dogs would go crazy every time the new neighbour looked over the fence (his property was higher up than ours). He eventually worked out that sticking his head over our fence was not the best idea.

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I have a Pitbull who is such a people person. I answer the door and he comes running up to see who's there. People are so afraid of him because what they hear Pitbulls do. Honestly, he just wants to sniff you in your crotch and then sit on the couch. Once dogs recognize your scent and know you aren't a threat you're fine. That's the impression i've gotten from most dogs.

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Why not? The dog shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere it wants, especially on someone else's lawn. I'm sure a quick conversation with the owners could resolve this whole ordeal. A fence would work too if they're unwilling to cooperate.

There is nothing saying the dogs are on op's lawn though. The dogs could just be loud with new people. When mine wrestles withy foster dog, it sounds quite intimidating and scares people who aren't use to it. We have no way of knowing.

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9- Where does it say that the dogs were on their lawn? Where does it say they don't already have a fence? How do you know the dogs were not in their own backyard when they noticed the sounds of new people & excitedly barked which scared the kids?

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Apparently I misinterpreted the FML. I thought that the backyards were spilt by a fence, but I guess not.

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Reading the follow up, I was actually right. Yay me!

Teach them man is superior to the beast.

Sound ruff....ha

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Fences are a great investment!

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Why are people assuming there is no fence? Dogs can terrorize kids from behind a fence...

Dogs seem to get alot of negative attention lately. But it's the owners fault for not controlling them.

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Why is everyone assuming? They probably just have large loud dogs and small children frightened by the noise, a fence won't help

They probably already have a fence, but you can still hear, and maybe see, the dogs through it.

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Oh the hypocrisy, they questions why everyone assumes things and then they proceed to makes assumptions.

I think it's the wording of the FML. Being "terrorized by" the dogs rather than simply being afraid of them makes it seem like the dogs actively did something to the kids.