By DriveNowhere - 31/12/2015 11:50 - Australia

Today, I drove my friends two hours to see a tourist attraction I had been talking up for months. It burnt to the ground last week. FML
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you must've been really fired up about going

Just show them the rest of the crazy shit you can see in Aussie land, they'll either be satisfied, or dead.


Looks like they got..burned. I'll let myself out.

Please do.

friedpwnadge 25

You burned yourself, lad.

Reading that in the voice of zoidberg makes that comment oh so better

Nobody loves zooooidberg!

Just show them the rest of the crazy shit you can see in Aussie land, they'll either be satisfied, or dead.

you must've been really fired up about going

Burn baby burn! That does suck though. Sorry you had to drive all that way to find out. Hopefully it was a scenic road trip.

Hopefully the trip itself was fun or you found something else exciting!

I'm curious as to how you didn't know that. A tourist attraction burning down is bound to be in the news.

there have been a lot of bush fires recently and people have lost their homes and their lives. tourist attractions shouldnt be on the news' list of things to report.

Why not? There's no reason why it can't be reported with the lost homes and lives. It's still a loss.

Because in Australia we respect the fact that a human life has more value than a tourist attraction?

I never once said it had more value. Where are you getting that? Seriously. There is absolutely no reason it can't be reported on the news. If Disney World burns down, you better believe it's going to be on the news!!

Where was it ?


TomeDr 24

#10 Australia is a VERY big place! It's a perfectly legitimate question.

Well I answered with all the information given to me at that moment in time.

I'm guessing it was reliquaire. amazing shop in Tasmania. burnt down a few weeks back

By the way I bet you wish you had the burning desire before last week. I'll throw myself out

Be careful, don't throw yourself into the fire.

Mathalamus 24

Why didn't you do some basic research before going?

Why would you if it is something you've lived close to your whole life? I live by the Flight 93 memorial in PA and I've taken people to see it when they visit. I don't look it up before going because I've been there and I expect the memorial to still be there too.

Mathalamus 24

A two hour ride isn't that close. And I would still make sure it's there and all. Or open. You know, to prevent exactly this from happening.

That blows buddy, hope you enjoyed the rest of your day though..