By fml_anon - 19/03/2016 08:33 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I had to spend a depressingly long time convincing my 29-year-old husband that our house isn't haunted and that the door slammed shut because it was windy outside. I repeat, "29-year-old husband" and "haunted". It's like I'm married to a child. FML
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You could have just gone along with it and made him even more scared

To be fair, that's also what they blame it on in scary movies.


You could have just gone along with it and made him even more scared

Now, that's some quality husband-wife banter.

Put a walkie-talkie under the bed and make spooky noises when he's about to fall asleep.

CheekyRaccoon 27

If all else fails, then says it's only Casper the friendly ghost.

There is no way you deserve this unless you already knew he believed in spirits before you got married to him. Also, it's not necessarily a child thing.

J15237 25

deserve what? Because her man is acting scared of something or silly? Like so many other husbands and wives do?

Uh excuse me but I'm of the age where I should be beyond fear of ghosts but I watched the Conjuring and slept with my lights on for a month ... Ghosts are scary shit don't play with them

21 years old. Watched Japanese scary movies (Ju-On and Ringu). I'm still terrified. -_-

To be fair, that's also what they blame it on in scary movies.

hardattack62 5

Ghosts are real, he is probably over exaggerating and there is no ghost in your house, but ghosts are definitely real.

Oh, right, awesome! I can't wait to see your undeniable and incontrovertible evidence! :)

Mathalamus 24

*sigh* ghosts aren't real. At all. There is no reason to be afraid of something that doesn't exist. Try telling him that there is always a logical reason for everything.

hannah_dl 11

I know right? I'm tolerant and open minded, but reading those "ghosts are real because I believe they are" comments makes me cringe and wish I lived in a more enlightened time.

My religion believes that there is an afterlife and that spirits do walk our plane of existence and that certain people can feel and talk to these spirits and can feel and travel the spirit realm and I've seen and experienced things that make no logical sense and I've been unable on many an occasion to find a logical reason and trust me I've freaking tried hard because it's an actual rule of many mediums or "psychics" to whenever something 'unexplained' happens to always try your hardest to debunk it first seeing is not believing it's disbelieve until proven otherwise in my religion.

people still go to church every week because a scary book said said a zombies told them about a firey place. I've more evidence to show ghosts are real than people's imaginary zombie friend

They are. People, including myself have seen them. Just because you don't believe in them, it doesn't mean they aren't real. There is scientific proof that ghosts exist.

Haha scientific proof. Care to post a link to this scientific proof (which, I assume, is from a reputable source)? Out of interest, what did the ghosts look like?

hannah_dl 11

Yes, I'd love to see this proof! I'm actually serious - ghosts existing would be awesome, but I can't believe it without real proof.

#11 Anything someone says before the word 'but' doesn't mean very much. You're not 'tolerant and open-minded'.

Not that anybody cares, but I've seen ghosts move shit with my own eye and experienced shit first hand. Things that couldn't be explained, like faucets opening and closing, doors slamming inside with all the windows closes, indentations on the bed that you could hear breathing, things moving in ways they shouldn't move, items getting moved around and crushed, voices on recorders, things that were completely still and suddenly can't stop moving... And of course, an apparition rising out of a grave, which was actually captured in a photo, so nobody can say it's made up.

hannah_dl 11

#92 so with that logic, me feeling strongly against racism, anti-vaxxing, stuff like that, must make me intolerant and closed-minded too I guess. Isn't that your logic? I'm open to proof, not people that condescend to me because I don't unquestioningly believe what they do. Proof. And speaking of proof, I'm not surprised even one bit that neither #48 or anyone else posted a link or any info about that "scientific proof" even though they've now had two days to do it. I've looked myself for it and found nothing at all. So the explanation for that is what?

actually science can't prove or disprove them. I believe in them, because of experiences. the science of it is not possible for the same reason as proving or disproving a diety. it is not 100% testable in a confined controlled setting with 1 variable.