By UberAwesone - Indonesia - Jakarta

Trapped 2: The Bathroom strikes back!

Today, I woke up hungover, locked in my bathroom. This wouldn't be a problem, except in my drunken stupor, I snapped the key. I live alone and there's no windows. FML
UberAwesone tells us more :
OP here, I live in Indonesia, and most bathrooms here have seperate keys instead of a toggle. Thankfully, my brother has a spare house key, I was able to call him over and get him to call a locksmith to get me out. I posted this FML while we were waiting for the locksmith to come by.
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Top comments
  Yuri Morliere  |  11

Yeah a key for the outside

  kirkaygri  |  18

I have skeleton locks on my bathroom door. I can lock it from inside so no children barge in and if they lock themselves in because I forgot to put the key in the medicine cabinet, I keep a key on my keyring and can get in. Keys on bathroom doors are a great idea. except in this guy's case. But if I lived alone, I wouldn't be locking the bathroom door.

By  Lauren Horstman  |  3

If you were able to post this, you obviously have a way to contact someone to free you ?

By  CrazyChiC42  |  10

Who needs a key to exit a bathroom? If you happen to have a hammer and flat head screw driver in there with you, you can take the hinges off the door. Or try to dismantle the door handle if you can.

  Migole  |  36

Many other countries outside the US dont really use doorknobs but rather handles with just one keyhole that can be used from either side.