By Annoyed student
Today, after extensively researching how to properly use in text citations out of fear of my professor reporting me for citing my quotes incorrectly. She reported me instead for forgetting quotation marks on three of my proudly and properly cited quotes. FML
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By  Gaz_2_0  |  10

Do you mind if I ask what grade you're in? At my high-school you learn about in text citations in grade 10 (currently learning about that). One of the first things we were told was to put it in quotations.

  Druu  |  53

To be pedantic, they're "quotation marks," and not "quotations." To be less of a jerk but also to point out something relevant, block quotes do not use quotation marks. They get their own line, go one font size down, and get an extra indentation on both right and left margins.

  species4872  |  19


  species4872  |  19

Richard, you didn't cite your references....

By  ProperPengTing  |  15

I went through something similar.

I apa formatted my sources, cited them with quotes. Only to get 138 out of 140 b/c I didn't put a header. Tf?!!!

All my other papers from the same professor with no headers were a1, but not this?!


  tj4234  |  35

Since I people are likely to thumb me down for that I will provide two examples.

Laura told me that she "was going to be at the supermarket in the afternoon, but it was closed".

Laura told me that:

I was going to be at the store today, but it was closed.

(Not sure if FML) will keep my formatting, but the second one's quote should be centred on the screen, not justified.

  Demon_of_Light  |  27

I would guess that's not exactly what happened. Perhaps you cited your sources improperly or you attributed information to the wrong source? Or perhaps the credibility of your sources was doubtful?