By whoanoa - United States
Today, I discovered that my mother uses my eyebrow tweezers to pull ticks off the dog. She also hasn't figured out that just dipping the tweezers in alcohol doesn't automatically sterilize them. Especially if there is icky dog hair still stuck on. FML
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By  frankiefan  |  0

Actually, alcohol will kill most bacteria, so you're wrong. But I agree that it's sick that she's using them in the first place, and going through the trouble of sterilizing them without removing the hair.

There's tweezers at Walgreen's for a dollar and they work just fine on my eyebrows... if you're not a caveman, it shouldn't be a big deal to get a new one (at least she wasn't using your hairbrush on the dog and GIVING you ticks).

  jisaac09  |  25

Yea, like the best way to get them off is take a match, light it, wave it out and then stick the burt part to the tick, careful not to poke to person/animal.....

  Pandacharm  |  0

LOL I remember having a puppy in Oklahoma when I was 8 and my mom would burn them then poke them with a tweazer into a cup of alchol.. one time she had to burn one out of my scalp from camping... I'm too scared to camp now! ewww! sorry op!

  gaguy4cy  |  0

actually you are stupid. her mom is actually removing the ticks properly. alcohol will sanitize anything that the tick or dog would have as long as it is dipped for 60 to 90 seconds and then allowed to air dry. if that creeps you out though run them through the dish washer or soak them in soapy water. your mom may be saving your dogs life, so quit being so vain.

  Domonator  |  16

Yeah-who cares if your own mother uses your personal care items for other, unclean purposes? Also, who cares if she does not adequately wash them, afterwords? <sarcasm>