By whoanoa - 10/03/2010 03:12 - United States

Today, I discovered that my mother uses my eyebrow tweezers to pull ticks off the dog. She also hasn't figured out that just dipping the tweezers in alcohol doesn't automatically sterilize them. Especially if there is icky dog hair still stuck on. FML
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Actually, alcohol will kill most bacteria, so you're wrong. But I agree that it's sick that she's using them in the first place, and going through the trouble of sterilizing them without removing the hair. There's tweezers at Walgreen's for a dollar and they work just fine on my eyebrows... if you're not a caveman, it shouldn't be a big deal to get a new one (at least she wasn't using your hairbrush on the dog and GIVING you ticks).

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that's gross


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I agree ur mom is really stupid

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Does she use em for feeding a different pet?

a pair of tweezers is no more than 10 bucks. Who cares?

I use asterisks to denote action *flys away*

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That would be LOLZ if she accidentally used a comb that the dog has.

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ew that's sick y doesn't she just by shampoo that removes ticks also protection like frontline so he doesn't get them no more.

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maybe she's jealous of ur eyebrows

she cares mor3 about the dog!!!

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why would u not check the tweezers before u use them idk bout u but I wash the tweezers first before use

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You're supposed to burn ticks, otherwise their heads can detach and cause infection still.

are u serious?! you have to burn them....ehhhh

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Yea, like the best way to get them off is take a match, light it, wave it out and then stick the burt part to the tick, careful not to poke to person/animal.....

with ticks on dogs you cant burn them off...that will just burn their hair and does not really even work

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It has to be "icky" dog hair?

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LOL I remember having a puppy in Oklahoma when I was 8 and my mom would burn them then poke them with a tweazer into a cup of alchol.. one time she had to burn one out of my scalp from camping... I'm too scared to camp now! ewww! sorry op!

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OH NO dog hair! ahhhh! stfu. YDI for posting this BS

actually you are stupid. her mom is actually removing the ticks properly. alcohol will sanitize anything that the tick or dog would have as long as it is dipped for 60 to 90 seconds and then allowed to air dry. if that creeps you out though run them through the dish washer or soak them in soapy water. your mom may be saving your dogs life, so quit being so vain.

your ma's **** nasty

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the alcohol would kill all the germs on the hair though... so it's clean obviously. you are just a wimp. ydi. unless you don't take the hair off you're fine.

You are an idiot-- please do not burn ticks off of your poor animal. In fact, just please do not own an animal.

#8 she obvisoly ha been using them RUHARD.

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that's gross

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yeah, really gross. Imagine the poor tick being squished by tweezers with icky eyebrow still stuck on. A cruel death indeed

It is gross. It's still sterile, though.

Use her tooth brush to brush your dog's teeth! WTF is wrong with your mom!

hahahah! this ^^^

or take the dog into her bedroom and express it's anal glands.

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Just clean them... big deal. At least the dog hair was there so you noticed!

Yeah-who cares if your own mother uses your personal care items for other, unclean purposes? Also, who cares if she does not adequately wash them, afterwords? <sarcasm>

Hehe, who knows what kind of things the OP didn't notice... She might want to clean her toothbrush, etc to. I'd be more worried about that.

ew. just. ew.

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that's weird... but it's just plucking ur eyebrows, it could b worse.

I get it. So now you have ticks in your eyebrows. FYL.

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fyl because, that could potentially be dangerous, ticks carry lime disease. go buy some different tweezers, (snaps in air) just like that problem solved. :)

It's called Lyme disease. FYI lime is a fruit.

really? I thought they were a type of bread

God I have so much to teach you guys. *sighs*

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haha, Lyme, thanks. ;)

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dog hair with a twist of Lyme disease

Did she say she had ticks on her eyebrows? I don't think so, and I hope not. She just simply discovered that stuff on her tweezers.

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this problem could be solved if you stop pulling out your eyebrow hair. wth would you want to do that?

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She might have a unibrow.