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Today, I met up with an old friend of mine who acts in a TV show. I hadn't seen him in a long time, but I'd been watching episodes of the show almost daily, so when he showed up I could only see him as his TV character and not as my friend. I ended up calling him by his character's name. FML
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jazzy_123 20

that's pretty awesome! what show is it? x)

revan546 24

Now I want to know what TV show... Please say HIMYM..


revan546 24

Now I want to know what TV show... Please say HIMYM..

wannabeactress71 8

That's seriously what I was thinking. Please be ted..

Jessj958 19

I totally agree with you 38. I LOVE Breaking Bad! Although I don't think the show is Breaking Bad since its over. Unless OP was watching on Netflix or something else like that.

doglover100 28

Didn't Neil Patrick Harris recently move to New York?

I'm hoping it's someone from Supernatural, Misha Collins? Jensen Ackles, maybe?

Oh my god I hope it's Barney Stinson. That would be legen, wait for it, dary.

Doubtful, since this post was made in US, and supernatural is filmed in BC where I'm from, seen them shoot a few times, pretty cool!

Are these the shows that are popular now? I feel so old :(

46- OP did say they were watching it daily, so it probably was a show on Netflix. Unless its a comedy or soap opera that plays on cable every day...

Supernatural is filmed in Canada...

I've never lived outside of the US but Supernatural is my all time favorite show. I don't understand your argument here...

Nothing wrong with calling him the tv name

There's a lot of things wrong with calling him the name of the character.

What if the character is an asshole and he doesn't want to be know as that person?

Didn't you watch drake and josh as a kid? We all know what happens when people get you confused.

To clarify, 42 meant the episode where Josh played one of the FBI's most wanted criminals on a tv show, and everybody thought he was actually the criminal

If he cared so much about that, then he wouldn't have played the part.

@33, ummm like what? If you are going to say "there's a lot of things wrong ...", then give a reason then. LOL

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe he wants to eat. Not all actors can wait it out for that big payday part.

Fun fact: Remember Joey from friends? The actor who played him said that the first thing he would do with his first paycheck was buy a hot meal.

73, someone has to play the bad guy. How lame would TV and movies be if there weren't any jerks? It doesn't mean they really are bad people or like being booed and having things thrown at them on the street like the poor guy who played Malfoy.

TallMist 32

Forget this comment. This was in response to someone else and I messed up. Move along!

luvdolphin 9

i only gave this a thumbs up because i love your profile picture. and les mis.

I'm reading the comments and can't understand the hype. Am I the only one who doesn't NEED to know which show or character the guy plays? I don't think I would treat an actor any differently than a normal person. It's a job; just one they're particularly good at. I don't understand obsessions with actors/celebrities.

jazzy_123 20

well it's more awesome when their character is amazing and the actor is amazing too!!

Think about it. We want to know who op is /possibly/ lucky enough to know. I'm not saying that I think they aren't lucky to know an actor, I'm just saying some people may not like his character- therefore, they may not like him.

It's creepy, is what it is. The poor people can't even go to the beach or walk down the street without being harassed by photographers or crazy fans. It seems like they would want to enjoy a regular life too. It's just my opinion, and you're allowed to disagree.

I would feel bad for them...if they weren't rich and famous.

I'm with you #30-- but maybe it's because I've lived in LA too long. Everyone here knows someone who's on some show or other. The magic and mystery sort of disappears after a while.

While I do agree, they knew what they were getting into. In fact, some people want that.

jazzy_123 20

Welshite, Hm I didn't think of it that way. When you put it like that, I agree with you.

58- what about the kids who were either born famous or whose parents started dragging them to auditions and such at like age 2? They didn't know what they were getting into, they didn't ask for it, and they frequently end up going crazy because they can't handle the constant pressure.

TallMist 32
conman531 23

That is when they start to go crazy, rehab on the horizon!

Did he stay in character? Dammit someone already commented that

Well you can say that it's because he is such a talented actor that you believed he was the character.