By HeatherFeatherB - United States - Mundelein
Today, one of my customers told me he was going to kill himself when I explained to him that I wasn't going to be able to deliver him the gallon of milk he wanted. I work in a pharmacy, dispensing medication. FML
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  adam10boy  |  7

Nobody should "neck" themselves. They just need a form of help to get them out of either the depression or the crisis. Nobody has to go alone through anything. So please don't post stuff like this.

  Fairyjoshy  |  13

Even so, anyone remotely connected to a medical position (or a position of authority such as teacher and such) *has* to take suicide threats seriously.

It sucks because of situations where it seems like the person is obviously faking it to get their way, but I would rather ten entitled people get undue treatment than let one genuinely suicidal person slip through the cracks.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

They won't really get undue treatment. In my line of work, I have spent copious amounts of time in the intake section of the emergency psych unit. Mainly you sit for hours and hours, then you speak to a nurse who takes your vitals, as well as you belt, shoelaces, tie, and other things that could harm you. Then you wait some more. Eventually you see a psychiatrist and they ask you if you want to hurt yourself, or others. When you say no- they let you go. In my ten years- I have only ever had 1 person actually stay from an emergency visit. Everyone else was sent home...

By  ColonelCusswords  |  24

Well fucking shit bro what if he was trying to make some scrumptious biscuits, or get a nice boost on his calcium levels. You probably just pissed all over his day. If you were trying to hurt the guy why didn't you just bunch his balls into dust and blow me into the wind. But no, you had to go over the line and deny him his fucking milk you heartless chud.