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Dog probably saw OP on the toilet and was like "WTF are you doing?! I drink from there! Fine, I'll make sure you step in mine barefoot."


28 lots of dogs like to eat socks. Although it's a possibility he's stashing the socks away for knitting a new rug since it hates the other one so much.


#31 - my nonna's dog who is about 2 years old (human years) loves socks and sometimes toes.


Nah, they could just be mischievous like my dogs. The shi tzu will run into the laundry room and grab underwear and socks then leave them throughout the house, but he's still an adorable little guy!

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This theory was what exactly? That it was your dog doing these things as opposed to a ghost or someone breaking into your house just to piss on your rug and steal your socks?

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