By Anonymous - 02/01/2014 02:32 - United Kingdom - Chelmsford

Today, I finally got proof of my theory when the dog came downstairs at 2 in the morning, looked me dead in the eye, pissed on the rug and took my socks before disappearing back upstairs. FML
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Possibly that the dog was peeing on the rug and stealing socks at 2 in the morning?


gabe222 25

Smart dog knows you did something wrong

Dog probably saw OP on the toilet and was like "WTF are you doing?! I drink from there! Fine, I'll make sure you step in mine barefoot."

But....where the heck are all the stolen socks? Maybe she's sewing them all together and making you a nice scarf.

28 lots of dogs like to eat socks. Although it's a possibility he's stashing the socks away for knitting a new rug since it hates the other one so much.

#31 - my nonna's dog who is about 2 years old (human years) loves socks and sometimes toes.

Possibly that the dog was peeing on the rug and stealing socks at 2 in the morning?

Nah, they could just be mischievous like my dogs. The shi tzu will run into the laundry room and grab underwear and socks then leave them throughout the house, but he's still an adorable little guy!

If you look up, 30, you can still see that joke flying overhead

I do that too sometimes. Sorry not sorry. I just like to pee on rugs and steal socks. My secret addiction.

And the dog is thinking "I ******* knew it!"

StompinOnCrayons 15

That sounds like a bitchy thing to do

Dogs seek vengeance sometimes. My Yorkie puked on my phone once. Do you pay him enough attention?

What do you think that dog would say if he could talk? He was definitely trying to deliver a message

fooltemptress 36

This theory was what exactly? That it was your dog doing these things as opposed to a ghost or someone breaking into your house just to piss on your rug and steal your socks?

I thought maybe her theory was that her dog hates her.

I think your dog is trying to send you a message. Time to call in... the dog whisperer..

at least it was the dog and not someone else :p

Fml: Today my fiance looked me in the eyes, peed on the rug, and stole my socks before disapearing upstairs.

Insensitive joke: Fiancé: "you silly woman, there is no rug in the kitchen".