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Today, my 13-year-old sister told me that she wants to get pregnant soon to stop her periods for a while. I can't believe we're related. FML
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Hey guys OP here. I'm a little late on the follow up but here it is anyway. I obviously complained to my mum who sat her down and told her how painful her pregnancies had been. My sister seemed adequately scared. My sister now insists that she had just been kidding but I know for a fact that she wasn't. And finally I assure you guys if she ever brings a guy home to 'stop her periods' I will personally get rid of him.

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Did you explain to her that being pregnant and going through labor is 100x worse than getting a period? And the fact that raising a child isn't exactly a piece of cake either?

No thirteen year old kid should be thinking about getting pregnant


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With kids these days acting as they are, I wouldn't be surprised.

Lol yeah I've had that thought as well. it was always brief and I definitely understood the extra responsibility I'd have to bear if I had a child but for second I wished I was pregnant so I didn't have to deal with periods lol. PS: I'm 22 and no children nor have I ever been pregnant lol

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@28 At 17 aren't you still a kid? Don't think you can say "kids theses days"

I think He/She can, if thinks that suitable. Being in some age group, doesn't make you behave like your stereotypical peers.

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Trust me. I'm 8 months pregnant and I would take having a period over being pregnant any day. You think you have less bodily fluid going on if your pregnant (which is untrue) but in reality it's 10x worse than a little blood. Maybe you are tired of the cramping? Well I still get cramps along with a back ache, nausea, head aches, swollen body parts and everything just hurts... It's all worth it in the end but if I had to choose between the discomforts of pregnancy vs periods I would take a period any day.

6 girls at my old middle school were actually caught doing it with other guys. 13 year old don't kid.

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If s/he has a brother who bleeds from his penis on a monthly basis, I think there might be a bigger issue there.

No thirteen year old kid should be thinking about getting pregnant

I really am disappointed to be included in this generation.

I'm not. life is freakin awesome. cars go faster. people get smarter. guns go boom. you don't think there were idiots last gen?

Actually, people aren't getting much smarter :/

People aren't getting smarter. Rather, the internet just allows the whole world to know more about them.

I mean technically having the Internet in your pocket and being able to know more things quicker would make you more knowledgable, but the cognitive abilities of our brains have been relatively the same for thousands of years. So each generation may be more knowledgeable, but not smarter as in able to learn things more quickly, judgement, awareness, etc. Individuals, however, differ in there levels of cognitive abilities. Personally I don't think getting pregnant at an early age is necessarily "stupid". But in our society and culture, it's not the best idea.

Studies have shown that people are actually becoming less knowledgeable. Nearly constant access to what is likely the largest information trove in history means that people no longer need to learn simple skills they can pick up from a videojug or wikihow video. Case in point: Car companies have begun offering spare tires as an /option/ instead of as standard equipment. The reasons they cited were less weight for shipping which will save them money and a distinct drop in the number of people who know how to change a tire to begin with. Because, apparently, they can look it up on the internet in seconds.

I'm sure there are many studies for both sides of that argument, I would assume some information would be gained and some information would be lost, not necessarily less knowledgeable altogether.

That was a teaching moment. I hope you took advantage of that.

Donuts202 13

Did you explain to her that being pregnant and going through labor is 100x worse than getting a period? And the fact that raising a child isn't exactly a piece of cake either?

If she is serious then she's a dumbass. Also, there are options like giving it up for adoption, but that's cruel. Anyways if you give birth at 13-14 you are probably going to die.

#31 Try telling that to my older brothers mother, whom gave birth at 14.

#31 do you really have the audacity to call anyone else an idiot then comment that?

How is giving a baby up for adoption cruel? It's better than having an abortion where the baby is hurt, but not my body not my business! (no offense pro choice people)

#46. Repeat after me. CELLS DO NOT FEEL PAIN. There we go. Now you understand that an unborn child is not alive hence the word unborn.

#50, cells don't feel pain? Let me stab you and see if the cells that make up the nerves in your thigh feel pain. D&C abortions do hurt the 'cells.' You can claim it doesn't all you want but they have videotaped abortions in process and it shows the distress. Weeks 8-10, I believe, is when they can feel pain, although it's been claimed it's 24 weeks, I don't buy that. I've seen a premie born at 24 weeks (my nephew) he could feel pain as soon as he was born. (he's pretty healthy now, has a few physical disabilities, trouble walking and slower development) Chemical abortions seem like a better choice but can't be done past a certain week. I'm not pro-life or pro-choice. I personally wouldn't have an abortion and I feel that if you think you are responsible enough for sex, you should be responsible enough to be able to deal with a baby, because even with precautions, accidents happen, but if you want an abortion, go for it, I guess. I'll question why you were so irresponsible in the first place but won't judge on that aspect.

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#31 lots of people get pregnant at thirteen so what? They won't die you might though if you get pregnant at say10/11

31 Being given up for adoption was the best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing cruel about it.

chlorinegreen 27

You won't die from pregnancy at 10 or 11... Our bodies are made for pregnancy and though her body may not be mature yet and she could have difficulties with it she would more than likely have a baby though c-section if she couldn't have it vaginally, not dying.

#36...isn't your older brother's mother...your mother? Unless you mean half or step brother.

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did you also explain that after giving birth you go through a full 6 weeks straight of heavy bleeding? you basically have to wear a diaper. what an idiot. FYL

And that women get wierder hormones on pregnancy than they do on their period? Like complaining about not having any dog food?

You know researching birth control go's good, you may be able to find something that results in no periods and no pregnancy :)

Have her babysit someone's baby for a day. Then tell her to take that and multiple it by 18 years.

Not so fast! Who's to say your baby's aspirations will go anywhere past 'bum'? Then you'll have to tack on a few years (or ten).

Yeah, but a baby is forever and I'd take a period over raising a baby any day.

Why is this downvoted? Not every woman wants children, you know..

Her profile says she's 16. At that age periods SHOULD be the more enticing option vs. raising a baby. Though even at age 30 that's a personal choice. And the main reason for pregnancy should NEVER be stopping periods for a while anyways.

I'd take the depo shot before either of those options any day

Oh such a naive girl. Just let her know that's a HORRIBLE solution. Even If she does get pregnant, she still stuck with mothers natures curse, plus a baby.

Might also be a good time for her to learn about std's. Pregnancy isn't the only bad thing that unprotected sex can lead to, especially at 13. Inform your parents too because she needs guidance and sexual education.