By SystemofaBlink41 - Puerto Rico - Caguas
Today, my mom got genuinely angry at me because I refused to let her pop a zit that I had "promised" she could pop a few days back. She said with utmost look of disappointment that I'm "not a man of my word". FML
SystemofaBlink41 tells us more :
No, but I'm not giving her any ideas...
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  brand125  |  17

like 39 said, sometimes you agree to something normally by just saying yes, and in the other persons head they translate that into a promise, when it was not. even so, wtf?

  MaxCrack  |  2

If you say you will do something, you do it. If you don't do it, then you have not kept your word. You don't have to say "I promise" to make it that way.

  vipirius  |  18

#38 It's gross, but also very satisfying. Kinda like the feeling of going home after a long day of work and letting out that huge shit you've been holding in for 4 hours.

  jackycat  |  17

These urges aren't considered all that weird at my job. A bunch of the nurses and some other techs watched videos of giant cysts and zit popping off and on together for a whole night. My husband hates that I pop his when his skin gets to bad, upside it got him to quit drinking soda!