By Kay - 20/10/2016 10:37

Today, at the register, I got a spontaneous nose bleed. The lady behind the counter apparently didn't do well with blood. Her face turned white, she passed out and fell with her head on the counter. FML
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Definitely agree your life sucks. Series of unfortunate events at its finest!


Maybe another FML will appear, "Today someone standing in line getting groceries and had a nose bleed. I have a problem with blood and fainted. FML."

How can you have spontaneous nose bleeds? I have never even had a nose bleed ever...

Just because you haven't had something happen doesn't mean it's not impossible to occur.

It happens when your nose starts bleeding spontaneously.

I've only ever had 3 nosebleeds in my life and two of them were completely random with no apparent cause (the other was from blowing my nose too hard). The last happened only a couple of weeks ago whilst I was at work. It might be rare, but it happens.

I got them regularly, even in my sleep, when I was on the depo birth control shot. It happens to some people when the air is dry and causes their nasal cavity to become too dried out. Drugs consumed through the nose can cause it after time too. There are reasons it can happen.

There are periods of time where I happen to get spontaneous nosebleeds quite frequently. They even happen when I sleep-- it sucks to wake up to a face covered in blood and a stained pillow, like something from a horror movie. For whatever reason, they were more of a problem when I was younger. I remember seeing a doctor for it, and I believe he said it had something to do with changes in temperature contributing to ruptured capillaries in my nose. He gave me some medication to take for a while, and I've gotten far fewer nosebleeds ever since. Anyway, my personal experience aside, spontaneous nosebleeds can obviously happen to plenty of other people-- not experiencing something for yourself has no bearing on whether or not it can actually occur.

I had an injury to the inside of my nostrils and for a few years afterwards I would have spontaneous nose bleeds.

Definitely agree your life sucks. Series of unfortunate events at its finest!

I hope you both were okay. I'm sure there were no hard feelings or anything as it's just one of those freak things that can happen.

F her life as well. I hope both of you are okay.

OP, this happens to me too even when there's plenty of humidity due to blood vessels be abnormally close to the skin's surface in the nose and thus easily rupturing & bleeding. In grade school, it got so bad that my ENT doc cauterized it. Of course, my dad had no problem w/ eating out that night @ buffet restaurant despite the long strip of white medical tape keeping the extra-large, sticking-out wad of gauze from falling out of my nose.... :-(

"Today, the person infront of me was bleeding from his nose. I have irrational hemophobia, which caused me to faint. FML"

It makes me wonder what happens when the poor lady sees her own blood every month..

As someone who faints at blood, seeing my period doesn't affect me for some reason.