By blumaster04 - 22/12/2009 22:53 - United States

Today, in an effort to repair our fake Christmas tree, my girlfriend succeeded in gluing it to the floor. I can't get it loose. FML
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MermaidSongXOXO 6

You know, fake Christmas trees have removable branches...;) Think about it: when Christmas is over, you have a 24/7 stripper pole for your girlfriend to use.


I'm sure it'll come off eventually...and it's not like this is an inappropriate time to have a Christmas tree anyway!

Unless it was glued to the floor on its side or something. Which, considering it was an accident, is not too unlikely.

I don't think he means his "Christmas tree".

youthink_fml 0

Pretty stupid solution. She's definitely the dumb ass, and based on your comment, so are you.

why did he say his christmas tree if he didnt mean it?

That would be AWESOME!! no, I'm not being immature about this

lokiitababii69 19

omgg id love it! im keeping up my tree all year... then again... i have a charlie brown xmas tree.... literally i bought that tree... with the one ornament and all :)

Kwanza is a mainly African American holiday. I'm betting the op is white. If they were black, they wouldve used duct tape.

No offence. Us rednecks use duct tape too.

LMAO! Good One! Anyway, a little nail polish remover should do the trick. Yes, it'll take the finish off your hardwood if that's what it's glued to, but I'd take that over a fake xmas tree glued to the floor.

haha! that's what i was thinking! "i can't get it loose"...

eatinyokidz 0

she shoulda been in the kitchen where she belongs!

don't be so feminist!! Bitch! It was a ******* joke. Jesus Christ...

Yeah, I've got nothing against the whole "kitchen" humour fundamentally... I used to participate, for that matter... but it's gotten SO old. It's just annoying now.

jennay8288 1

lol you're probably fat, huh, number 17?