By MercyRoseLiddell - United States - Wayne
Today, my skittish cat almost fell off my bed. He caught himself, though. Using his claws on my bare foot. FML
MercyRoseLiddell tells us more :
More info - This actually happened a few weeks ago, so all I have left is a scar. Only 2 of my cat's claws caught my foot. The rest caught the bed. This incident happened at 4am. The cat in question is our super skittish semi-feral baby. We got him at 3 months old and completely feral. He's now 8 months and really sweet. He is my cat pretty much. He follows me up to bed and around the house and always wants cuddles when I wake up in the middle of the night. Yes it hurt, but I wasn't even mad. I've had worse. Both from our other cats and from him. In fact, my family and I laughed about it the next day because cats aren't usually so clumsy.
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