No pain, no meds

By I don’t stink - 01/05/2020 20:00

Today, I finally got to come home after hours spent in a locked down ER after a car accident. My injuries were non life-threatening, but pretty damn painful. I asked my sister to pick up my pain meds from the pharmacy for me. She got drunk and "lost them", AKA gave them to her dirtbag boyfriend. FML
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I’d be making a call to the authorities

Sucks to be you. Call the police on her ass.


I’d be making a call to the authorities

Suck it up! You don't want to become another opioid statistic. And wasn't it stupid of you to send your drunkard sister to pick your narcotics?

I agree with the latter but come on man, op should get pain meds after a car accident.

ViviMage 38

Depends on when the sister got drunk.

I’m putting this one on you. You should have known your sister would do such a thing.

Sucks to be you. Call the police on her ass.

Sounds like you know she is unreliable. Should have asked someone else.

Matthew Irmen 11

Hmmm... a sister with a dirtbag boyfriend? Bravo!

ViviMage 38

Well, the narcotics or controlled substances my local pharmacy won't give without your driver's license. So go back with your license. They couldn't have given out the narcotics at least! If they charge you make sure the sister pays for the replacement pills.