By Kendra_Nine - 16/01/2013 18:28 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my 8-year-old sister matter-of-factly said that she's going to get married before me if I don't stop wearing track pants. FML
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She is right, yoga pants is the way to go.

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Or don't wear any pants. Yeah, yeah, the cops don't like it, but the ladies always give me a second look. Single by choice.


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MrBrightside21 20

Or don't wear any pants. Yeah, yeah, the cops don't like it, but the ladies always give me a second look. Single by choice.

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Single by choice, true. But was it your choice or theirs?

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38 - Obviously you haven't seen me with my pants off... But I'm gonna have to plead the fifth on this one.

I did, and it was one of the best decisions I've made! The sense of freedom I felt after I was liberated from those awful things was awesome. People started noticing me on the street and calling after me. It took me a while to fully understand what they were shouting, though. Apparently they don't appreciate a half-naked person strutting down the sidewalk.

And start wearing yoga pants...believe me, guys love yoga pants!

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HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry, but this is one of the funniest I've seen in a while. :')

Why would people burry a comment like this ....... ******* prudes

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93 - I don't think you know what 'prude' means.

5 - I appreciate your apology. Your laughter offended me, but I have found the capacity to forgive you.

I havnt. I need to see a doctor now because of the nightmares of someone laughing so hard at this! WHY? WHY IS IT SO FUNNY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

She is right, yoga pants is the way to go.

Just be sure to check if they have a penis before you go after a yoga "girl."

I meant to thumb 53 down, but I pressed the wrong button by accident. Would someone do it for me?

65-I tried to do it for you but I accidentally hit the like button. While I was doing that I also managed to thumb you down. I did my best.

#53 if you can't tell if it's a guy wearing yoga pants.....I don't know what to tell you.

Hey man it's not me who has the problem, I can't even enjoy a girls looks unless I see her face anyway, and I can usually tell a tranny from a granny from a cute girl in panties regardless of the angle, so I'm just making sure you guys know what you're getting into... Just looking out for the little guys, not my little guy.. He knows, dammit! He KNOWS.

Gawd, it's like no one understands me these days. Never mind :P

#69, 53 was referring to a previous fml where a guy took a pic of himself in his girlfriends yoga pants in order to post it on a girls yoga pants forum (or something along the lines of that :P )

Yoga pants, like spandex, should be a privilege and not a right. :(

If you have a good butt yoga pants are hot as hell.

Dress comfortably op there's no point in showing off....but this generally only applies after you have a man and only need to dress up for him.

So you're saying women only need to look after themselves and dress nicely until they have hooked a man, then they can let themselves go to shit? Am I understanding you correctly?

She's saying that a girl should show off when she's single and then dress nice for their guy when they're together.

Wait, never mind my last comment. I read that wrong. I don't get #8 either.

Don't take care of yourself until you did someone? I think..?

Doc almost had it but "dressing up" could just apply to date nights, and semi-casual other times.

No, doc had it right. Then after you've gone to pot your husband cheats on you. You divorce him, take half, use the money to get back in shape and start the cycle all over again.

43 I was joking and I was going to edit but time ran out before I finished. I feel like you should only dress nice if you want to and you shouldn't be expected to dress up for anyone boyfriend or not. Op should dress comfortably as long as it makes her happy.

guys like a girl who takes care of herself. its not that we wont the hottest piece of tail on the block (at least not for me) its just a characreristic of that persons hygene. she is free to wear track pants all she wants. Men will be just as free to ignore her for it. again not saying I would, just that there are SOME men who are like that.

112- just because it's cliched doesn't mean it's not true...

This is where you say back "With that attitude looks like you aren't going far either!"

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Possibly one of the most obscure at least horrible fmls I've read. I guess if it bothers you that much then prove her wrong, you have at least 10 years until she would possibly get married, but overall I can't see the severity of this situation

Track pants are cute, I'd rather a girl wear that than regular jeans.. Just be yourself op, someone will love you! :)

Meh in Canada track pants are sweats ... Nothing cute about sweats they are a sign that you can't keep up with your waistline this may not be the are but track pants just say lazy usually

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I wear sweatpants all the time. I'm 1.83 m and weigh 63 kg; if you work that out, that's marginally underweight.

It's one thin to wear ten for workout or lounging around the house the post makes it seem like they are her primary pants

I don't know...track pants (to me) usually signify someone who has just gone running or gone to the gym. Not someone who isn't looking after their figure. They might not be the most attractive pants to wear, but they're not as awful as some people here are saying. And, hey, sometimes a simple t-shirt and track pants can look long as they're a flattering pair of track pants, that is. :O (Though I hate that most people in my town wear track pants that they clearly bought in the mid 2000s because they have those mid-2000s flared legs. It's like...I know you bought those over 7 years ago. They're faded, and pilling, and outdated as hell. Throw them out, dammit!)

TheDrifter 23

You make it sound like 7 years is an eternity and some sort of fashion crime. I guess I shouldn't brag about my mid 80s acid wash and Scooby Doo shirts, eh? Bah, I'll just call it fashion forward and hope it catches on again.