By sheldon103 - 16/05/2015 17:18 - United States - Dayton

Today, not thinking and being pissed off, I threw my phone in the car, making a decent sized crack in the windshield. FML
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sheldon103 tells us more.

sheldon103 4

I actually didn't throw it that hard, it bounced off the dash

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Sounds like it was an iThrown

A07 48

I don't think I'd ever be pissed off enough to throw my phone, mind following up OP?


You shouldn't even throw your phone randomly when you're mad unless you're ready to face the consequences of tossing it. YDI

hope she doesn't get any angrier and not crash on her way to the auto mechanic for thinking about not thinking

finalyearsofhate 22

But did the screen of the phone crack?

Probably did, judging from the strength of some of the phone screens nowadays.

what if it was a nokia

Then you wouldn't just have a hole in the windshield. You'd have a hole in the ground.

sheldon103 4

No it didn't thanks to my case

Road rage is a terrible thing.

Must have been a Nokia.

sheldon103 4

It was an iPhone 5s

Well, if it's an iPhone you did yourself a favor. Get a good Android phone and this time don't throw it.

never_alone 10

and this is why we control our tempers. ydi for throwing a temper tantrum, grow up

You do realize there is more to controlling anger than simply 'growing up'? Its not so easy for everyone to just drop anger like that, especially if it has been bottled up.

Shame they don't make screen protectors to fit windshields!

Hopefully your phone didn't break too!

Goblin182 26

I hope the phone did break. Any adult that throws a temper tantrum like this deserves it.

A07 48

I don't think I'd ever be pissed off enough to throw my phone, mind following up OP?

Sounds like it was an iThrown

more like a throwkia

Hopefully you'll learn in the future