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By Anonymous - 16/08/2022 06:00 - Australia

Today, my housemate picked me up from the psychiatric ward, after I'd spent ten days there with a major depressive episode. She said that she thought it rather odd that I'd gotten so bad, since she'd replaced my antidepressants with homeopathic pills. FML
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Wtf??? Who does this?! Isn't this illegal? Speechless

At least now you can really rub her nose in how homeopathy doesn't work.


Wtf??? Who does this?! Isn't this illegal? Speechless

At least now you can really rub her nose in how homeopathy doesn't work.

I hope this leads to a major ass-whupping episode. I don't know how she could mimic the packaging of pharmaceuticals so well that she could pull the ol' switcheroo.

Not all pills come in foil tabs that you have to push out…

Fucking stupid. I'd recommend an ass beating and hiding your meds from everyone. What an idiot.

slhiggx 17

How did you not notice? Pills are clearly labeled most of the time. Not to mention the difference in shapes and sizes? Not blaming you. You should be more attentive with your self care and medications.

OP might’ve already been on a downswing that led to not paying attention, causing the housemate to “help”? Speculation though

Capsules (also pills but not solid tabs) can be open and emptied too. If the housemate is crazy enough she could have emptied the capsules and replaced them

There's an internet company that sells placebo sugar pills that look like other medications🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ for all the people on here wondering how she didn't notice the medications switch.

...I would talk to the police about this...(no I am not American) also get a new housemate/home!

OP here, to provide context. Unfortunately there's only so much information you can put in 300 characters. I actually submitted this weeks ago, I'd assumed it didn't pass moderation. I didn't notice because I use a large pill box. I have to take a lot of different medications at different times of day, and the chronic depression has left my memory pretty ******. I usually fill it myself, but sometimes I'd ask her to do it if I was sick from my physical illness. In the month or so leading up to the hospitalisation, she started volunteering to do it for me and I, very much putting my trust in the wrong person, thought ok she's just being nice (I've had things pretty rough this year). I knew she was into alternative medicine and such, but I'd always gotten the impression that she understood that I think it's bullshit. She wanted to prove that I didn't need my "poisonous" medication, so she would pop my real pills out of the pack just in case I checked so it would look like they were being used, then throw them out and put her replacements in my pill box. And when you've been swallowing 9 pills at once for years, you stop looking at every one. She genuinely thought that the homeopathy was going to work better. For those asking, yes, it is very much illegal to tamper with medication and she has been charged. It's been difficult going into this much detail because it's still fairly fresh and my head is still a mess. But I'm living in a safe place now, and my psychiatrist is helping me reconfigure my medication. Thanks for your concern, everyone.

Glad you're okay now. I hope pressing charges went well. You deserved better.

Nikki 16

This is a contender for the worst housemate awards, if you didn’t have the support and forward thinking to get yourself admitted this could’ve ended so much worse and she would be charged with man-slaughter instead!