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Today, I saw a facebook status that said, 'Wedding today. Ugly people belong together.' I'm getting married today. FML
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maybe hes ugly and hes just not used to extremely sexy people like yourself


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They're just jealous because they aren't getting married. Congrats!

Shoulda' made your wedding on Tuesday. Then you could of commented and said, "C U Next Tuesday!"

congrats:) please text 581 4049 I'm bored

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At least they admitted you belong together! Now don't trip and fall in mud and the day will be perfect!

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It's ok if you look like Shrek and you gown is made from several tarps and your train is an actual train. You found someone to look past all of that and he truly loves you.

Sure makes you wish there was a dislike button, doesn't it ??

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it doesn't matter what they think because the person that you're marrying thinks you are beautiful in your own way.

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Actually the person who wrote this was a man XD...really check it out

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Atleast they love eachother...isn't that the reason why they're getting married in the first place?

2 - obviously you would laugh at your own joke. I mean, no one else did because it wasn't funny. it was far from it in fact.

2, Dear troll, Please get out from under my bed. It's hard to sleep when you're always beating off. Sincerely, Orgasmic

I bet that was your wife's sister, they're always like that. Well the mean ones that is. But don't worry, you're getting married!!!!!!

but why would she call her own sister ugly? hm..

Yeah! Arebt siblings, like, always bestest friends?! Like in the next FML, those sisters are as tight as a cult!

So you got on Facebook and FML all on the same day you are getting married? impressive

So you got on Facebook and FML all on the same day you are getting married? impressive

i agree with 121 even a simple "yay me!" would suffice.

maybe hes ugly and hes just not used to extremely sexy people like yourself

Dear 48, You are a royal dumbass. Cheers, MarkL

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If said person comes to the wedding, make them leave.

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Uninvite them and then beat the shit out of them with your uglyness.

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last time I checked, you can't beat someone with ugliness

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that's why they invented plastic surgery.

So that people can reflect what they are on the inside is the same as what they are on the outside: fake.

And for people who have been in aesthetically scarring accidents.

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maybe you are the pretty ones that's not mentioned

thaaaank yoooou! if I could thumb this up multiple times I would. :)

You are right, some people are just plain hideous.

lol. that's a fallacy that ugly people made up

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Everyone also has different opinions about peoples looks. For example, i find Emma Watson attractive but dont find Megan Fox attractive at all.

so both of you don't think an unattractive person, in your opinion, doesn't have anything attractive on or about them? you might not like their body, but they could have the most gorgeous eyes ever. people like you both are just too close-minded and focused on the appearances than to realize there are way more great things about a person than their looks.

there are tons of extremely unnattractive people out there obvs

yes ur corret no one is ugly just not pretty or very not pretty

Dinojess. Ugly by definition relates to looks. But, I agree there is more to a person than looks, and, you can be 'ugly' on the inside. All guys get past just wanting looks

That's just what ugly people say to make themselves feel better.

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no but his dick is super tiny!

lol at first i thought the big BM was making a little one inch space between his fingers or something.

Let's see, 9, where to begin.. Inability to spell "your." Failed contraction in "husband's." Likely misinterpretation of OP's gender. Obnoxious username.'re just fishing for thumbs down, aren't you?

who cares? it's only a Facebook status. the important thing is that you are getting married. congratulations!