Criminal minds at their best

By loz4151336 - 03/03/2020 12:06

Today, my friends wanted to try to dine and dash at a McDonald's. I had to explain why that wouldn't work. FML
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So... you hang out with these people so you can be the smart one of the group?

how old are you guys, like 12?


Uh, is it because consuming what McDonald's sells isn't really "dining?" Uh,...khakis?

Because you have to pay BEFORE you eat.

I know that. I was being facetious.

You can't dine and dash at McDonalds... you literally have to pay for your meal upfront...

Why did you use literally? What is figuratively paying for something? You may not be able to dine and literally dash at McDonald's, but you can always get the runs.

So... you hang out with these people so you can be the smart one of the group?

You need smarter friends... or a more refined palate

how old are you guys, like 12?

Are your friends like Richie rich, they’ve never seen anything under 5 stars?

What does this even mean??? (Yeah, I grew up reading "Richie Rich" comic books back in the '70's, so I know who he is. What does that have to do with a 5-star review? And yeah, I know that you can't dash-n-dine at fast-food places.)

Not 5 star review, 5 star rating. Back in the day when yelp didn’t exist we relied on critics to tell us where to eat, sleep, and what to watch. So since you used to read those comics back in the 70’s you also know a critic report in the newspaper made or break a place. Like in Rattatoui.

Sounds like you ain't hanging with a bunch of brain surgeons there, are ya?