Kids are assholes

By ohnomommy - 03/03/2020 06:01

Today, I was in line at a gas station with my 3-year-old daughter. A "little person" was in line in front of us, buying a pack of cigarettes. My daughter yelled, "No little boy! Only grown ups can smoke." FML
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hopefully he has a great sense of humor

Did they have a short temper?


Did they have a short temper?

hopefully he has a great sense of humor

Don't feel too bad, OP. Kids don't have that filter adults SHOULD have. How did he react?

Okay but The guy *should* understand that little kids don’t understand that little people are adults yet

Southwest should use this story for a commercial. Wanna get away?

My daughter did pretty much the same years ago, but the man she did it to was a friend... he was stunned into silence for about half an hour... lol

Well taught, although the mini mini you should know smoking is bad no matter what

Oh, the mouth of babes .

That’s ok, she’s 3. She’ll learn later. But for now, it’s cute. Like this story.

Hopefully he’ll understand that she’s just a child and your obvious next responsibility should be to explain to her what “little people” are!