By sodapants - United States - San Francisco
Today, a man came by with a large drink and sat next to me in the bus terminal. In all his wisdom, he tried setting it between the seats. Naturally, it spilled all over me. I now have to sit with a soaked pair of pants and a wet carry on from Nashville to Atlanta. The bus trip is 5 hours long. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

It didn't ruin the pair of pants, just made them wet. They can be washed. If he were to owe her anything, it would be dry cleaning. It's unfortunate, though, because OP had to sit in wet, sticky, uncomfortable pants for 5 hours.


How the fuck does that have any relation to the FML? I am so fucking sick of seeing dumb ass comments on FMLs that have nothing to do with them. Some people shouldn't be allowed to comment.