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Today, my girlfriend and I were walking back to my car after a long day of work. A large SUV had parked next to mine, so I jokingly said to my girlfriend, "What do you think they're compensating for?" That's when the couple behind us unlocked their vehicle. FML
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#8 I love ducks though! Don't worry though I get what you mean. Auto-correct is a hitch, huh? Always being a duck and changing all the words you type, especially curse words. Tuck auto-correct!

As for the YDI, I was just in a terrible mood. After thinking it through I actually feel a little bad for making that comment but oh well. What's done is done. That's what I get for being a duck.


I actually don't own a big truck, I own an old Alero, and my girlfriend appreciates the size of my penis. But yeah I get why you said that, usually the ones who get offended are the ones who are guilty of it. But still, I said I was just in a bad mood and taking it out on poor ol' OP here. Shouldn't have done it and I'm terribly sorry.

So come on, man.

Don't be a duck.

By  saxaddict122  |  14

They could be compensating for a lot of kids, or a large dog, or the need to move things that can't be out in the rain, or for any number of things other than a small penis. Or maybe it is a small penis, either way it's none of your business. I'm glad they overheard you make such a worn out and overused joke.

  saxaddict122  |  14

I've got an old truck I use to move stuff but I don't drive it all the time for fuel economy. It's not that I was offended, I just live in the south where every other car on the road is a truck and I've heard that joke thousands of times and it's not really very funny or original.


And yet some people still drive pickups solely for the status, giving no thought to the fuel economy as you've mentioned, no thought to maintenence cost, repair cost, etc. They just buy one for aesthetics and not its designed function – to haul loads. It's just "Hurr hurr, I have me a truck I kin barely afford. At least it looks purdy, durr hurr hurr!"

Stereotypes aren't born from a vacuum.

By  Goblin182  |  26

My wife drove an SUV for years because we had a camper. I'm pretty sure she wasn't compensating for a small penis. Unless . . do women compensate for small clits?