Today, I went to my dentist's appointment with huge anxiety because I had to get a filling. Last week, I paid $120 to be told I needed this filling. This time, I paid $80 to be told my teeth are fine. Each visit lasted all of 5 minutes. FML

By Toothach - / Thursday 12 May 2016 01:38 / Canada - Fonthill
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By  chyiochan  |  28

New Dentist, asap. Also, I would have refused to pay the second time, as it was their call to bring you back in, only for you to be told you don't need it. Stand your ground!

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP, I have a history of sinus infections. When you have a sinus infection it can make your teeth hurt even if they are fine. Something like that happened to me once, and the dentist suggested I had a sinus infection - I saw my MD and the dentist as right. Google the symptoms for a sinus infection next time you get a toothache.

  tsukikuiin  |  16

Unfortunately, it covers only hospital visits. Dentists, chiropractors, Optometrists, Ambulances etc all cost money so we have to have benefits too. Whats worse is that if we get hurt in a different province we aren't covered at all.

  the_real_dvd  |  21

12- A few years back my wife broke her wrist on a ski trip in Denver. We live in Hawaii. She needed surgery right away. It was completely covered. I'll ignore the snide condescending remarks from Canadians now.

  frostedfoster  |  15

Actually #12, as long as you have your provincial health card when you see the doctor, it doesn't matter what province or territory you're in at the time, the provinces reimburse each other... Except for Quebec