Bored senseless

By Anonymous - 01/10/2010 16:55 - United States

Today, I started my first day of work. I was told to absorb everything going on and to get used to the high-paced flow of things. I've been sitting at my desk for two hours now, and the office has been empty since I've walked in. FML
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At least you have PC with internet... killing time might not be too fun, but as long as they pay you for it...

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god damnit why does all this stuff happen in Arkansas?! I hate how retarded our state is


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That's one of my least favourite kind of jobs. Nothing going on is second only to passive-aggressive bosses in things I'd prefer to avoid. Sorry you ended up there; I hope things speed up soon.

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Sounds exactly like my line of work. How unfortunate for you. Are you also a prototype Genuine People Personality robot manufactured by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation? Do you also get stuck with menial tasks despite having a brain the size of a planet? Don't worry. It gets worse. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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absorb your 2 hours! absorb your desk! absorb it!!!!

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why is this an fml? you didn't do anything at work so go play around on the internet... YDI for not thinking of that yourself... moron.

What the **** do you think I'm doing, dipshit.

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Oh my god, OP!! That is the perfect time to **********!!! ;D

14-You should start your comments out with: "The HHGTTG has this to say about..."

play a game on a computer. you get payed for doing nothing at all. fml I want your job

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get up, walk around, be nosey, be aggressive

Marvin are you the real Marvin android? :o

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look on the bright side OP, you're getting paid to sit on your ass all day. :p

well you're spending that time on FML itzz all gud

Sure you got the right time, OP? Does sound a bit boring, but hopefully it'll perk up and get better. If not, at least you have a job.

Haha yeah, actually my boss has a dgaf attitude and said as long as I clock the hours, I'm good. She's in little rock, which is like an hour and a half away so I'm supervisor-free all day. Woohoo.

At least you have PC with internet... killing time might not be too fun, but as long as they pay you for it...

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they were to lazy to work don't worry it happens to all of us

YDI for being out of the kitchen, for getting a desk of your own, for being employed at all, for being too easily bored, and for microwaving fish in the office microwave. That stench has permeated everything.

Lol that's cute. I remember my first trolling spree.

Me too. Mine was on usenet back in the mid-1990s. This is more fun.

Unfortunately, I was only a fetus around that time. But **** yeah, modern technology.

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Don't show up at 3 AM. The early bird gets the worm, but he still need to wait until the worms wake up. You might want to back off on the Red Bull, and the desperation.