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Today, I was installing the official 3.0 firmware update for my iPhone. Apple's authentication servers crashed. I now own an iBrick. FML
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put your iphone into DFU mode, then boot it with 1clickboot.

Aww... I'm sure they can do something about that though.


Aww... I'm sure they can do something about that though.

This is obviously fake because 3.0 has to completely download before it installs, so you can actually be offline when your installing the firmware, therefore requiring no servers at all. As for activating it, the device doesn't activate until the firmware is done installing so it cant be bricked. Come on, apple is smarter than that.

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yeah...i highly doubt apple would even allow that to be possible. they weren't born yesterday, you know.

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even if something happened, that's why they have the genius bar at the apple store. make an appt and they will fix it/give you a new one.

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This did happen. Apple's activation servers went down and people upgrading were unable to complete the upgrade.

you should't, it actually happened to my dad yesterday, the new update bricked his iphone.

Serves you right for getting an iPhone. Apple is such a shit company.

If you hate apple, what do you use? A gateway computer, with a walkman MP3 player? LOL. And you think apple sucks. n00b.

yeah they can at the genius bar but i would stick with ibrick it is so cool!!

Big deal. A quick google search will show you how to restore to an earlier OS if you can't go to an Apple store or an AT

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Wow did that guy really just call someone a "n00b" for not liking Apple? Kid you're retarded, I HATE Apple and my computer kicks the shit out of any Mac. Macs are way overpriced for what they are, I mean you can't adjust anything. So you, my young retard, are the noob.

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troyboyd just owned you, drkblz

Wow, big pony for you on that high pedestal. They both have pros and cons so I built my desktop and got a MacBook as well. Don't flame for someone calling another a noob cheapass. The other guy called apple shit which is worse in my opinion. At least they're innovating.

How about a gaming computer, and an Android?

They aren't innovating, they are taking others innovations and suing them after.

I'm guessing firmware is the oldies' way of saying iOS

put your iphone into DFU mode, then boot it with 1clickboot.

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I'm commenting from the future where we have a thing called iOS 7.1

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I'm commenting from the future where we have a thing called iOS 8

I'm from the future where we have iOS 8.0.2

In commenting from the future, where we have a thing called iOS 9

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I'm commenting from a parallel universe where Apple is actually a good product.

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Apple store here you come! That does suck tho

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Well I get mine tomorrow, I'll see if that's true myself I guess! :-D

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Sorry, 5 million useless apps =/= better phone. I have a full keyboard I can actually type on... I'd say I have it just fine, no jealousy necessary, and I have it just fine for a lot cheaper.

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how is it overrated? no other phone can match it. It is by far the most advanced phone available.

google phone black berry dominates apple's shit

I don't understand why everyone is so butthurt about calling an overrated product what it is. The iPhone is awesome but this new update is hardly anything to write home about.

iPhones might lack some features, but when you find a phone with better operating system than iPhone's you can come here to tell about it, I would be interested.

it is indeed a very awesome phone, but its hardly the most advanced phone out interface though, no doubt.

Most people who need a serious heavy hitter when it comes to a phone go for Blackberry's and other smart phones with an actual keyboard because Apple's touch screen for the iPhone is more difficult to type on. Just because it's flashy and well marketted doesn't mean it holds the greatest market share. Apple/iPhone's market share doubled in Q1 2009, but is still far outpaced by RiM/Blackberry:

Ah, um, I have a Blackberry. And it sucks ass compared to my iPod touch, which is a scaled down iPod of the iPhone.

It's called Palm WebOS on the new Pre. If only Sprint let me buy one without upgrading to a data plan - I wouldn't mind using it like an old-school PDA with a phone built in.

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iphones are great. i love mine, and im actually waiting for my 3.0 software to download right now. :D but seriously, iphones are really good phones and run great.

i agree. they are overrated. don't get me wrong - i have an ipod touch that i absolutely adore. but for me personally, my cell phone has to feel like a cell phone. i prefer having a keyboard instead of a touch screen, and a flip phone. iphones are too clunky for me. cool, but not for me.

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The update doesn't give you video, you need to get the iPhone 3G S.

So supposedly popular = better? Aristotle would like to have a word with you.

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I disagree. Most of the iPhone's competitors offer way more features, technologically (camera being one of them). That being said, Apple is catching up with the 3G-S. I hate on the iPhone because it is heralded as the most glorious piece of technology to grace our unworthy hands. Simply put, it's overpriced and underpowered. Of course, I wouldn't mind if someone were to give me a free iPhone, because then, the horrendous price would be out of the equation.

Maybe that's because the iPhone has not been around as long

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I agree with #5. I have the HTC Touch Pro and my phone does everything the iPhone can do faster and has MORE features than the iPhone. Overrated the iPhone is...

But does it have as good UI? Is it as easy and logical to use? Thats where most phones fail, they have all the features you could think of, but the UI/UX is horrible.

82- Oh, how time brings change! ~3 years later, and look at BB now. They currently own about ~4% of the smartphone market.

Awwww 4 years ago everyone doubted the iPhone. Now look at it!

Funny, I never had issues like that with my Blackberry =P

because your blackberry doesn't get updates. making it suck. HA!

Blackberries don't get updates? How far did you have to reach up your ass for that statement? Besides, the 3.0 software is mostly features that have been on phones for years. MMS, video capture, cut and paste, etc. Apple needs to catch up with the times.

It's amazing how people get excited over Apple features that EVERY OTHER PHONE has had for the past five years. Even my $50 Sony phone from 2004 had cut & paste and video message. Apparently the iPhone isn't about features, it's about hype. YDI for buying an iPhone.

Google DFU mode, the iPhone only bricks if u had a problem on the baseband fw.. U will be fine

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They're back up, you may have to connect and reconnect a few times, I hear. I personally am waiting for the jailbreak to come out before iUpdate.

#8 (yes, I'm using comment numbering still because the post reply system doesn't seem to be working without bugs at the moment): Some hacks have already been released for certain features in 3.0 without the need for a jailbreak. If you're just looking for internet tethering in the US (like I do), there is already a method available: look for it on MacRumors or Endgadget.

I'd be amused if someone counted how many times someone wrote "YDI it for having an iPhone" on an FML referring to an iPhone.

probably by someone who was tech-illiterate.

I actually don't believe that it bricked it. It it was validated it would have worked, if not, it would have stopped and said "Validation server unavailable" like mine did. But way to blame apple!