Caught in 4K

By Evil_Egbert - 12/02/2009 11:54 - Netherlands

Today, I found out that when I masturbate at night while watching internet porn I cast a huge shadow on the curtain and the entire street is able to see it. FML
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redhead10 0

#27 i'm sorry but watching **** in the privacy of your own home does not make you a pervert. get over yourself.


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hippo1234 19

Better than casting a small shadow....

Man. This one was funny, congrats. Try and change the position of your monitor so you can jack off without projecting your shadow.

i can see it, "daddy whats that thing going up and down on our neighbors window?"..."oh he's sexually pleasuring himself." hahaha

necomni 0

Oh, the possibilities... the comments to this are funny, too!

heathallin 0

#19 haha, so politically correct, yet so thorough and yea, i've seen some puppet shows in progress, pretty entertaining

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