By Anonymous - 24/11/2015 13:17 - United States - Westborough

Today, I was jerking off quietly so my roommates wouldn't hear me. In the middle of it, one of them sent me a screenshot of an error message on a porn site, asking if I was having the same problem. I guess I wasn't being so quiet after all. FML
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StiffPvtParts 43

********** in front of them to show dominance.


tell em the error message was what you were flogging your mouse with.

joeyl2008 29

were you having the same problem?

StiffPvtParts 43

********** in front of them to show dominance.

Rawrshi 25

Synchronized fappage. Make it a competition!

Haha reminded me of this movie called Y TU Mamá También and there's two best friends who do far competitions and at one point they lay on diving boards and see who can ahem shoot farthest into the pool. OP you can do it!

olpally 32

Well that's awkward... Just ignore it and finish the job. Lol.

I guess I always thought dudes tried to ignore other dudes fapping sounds. I must have known more delicate dudes.

Maybe they know about your huge error message fetish and were trying to help you out, OP.

Well, you're in your room, alone. You're either fapping or sleeping.

not necessarily true, I'm in my room 70% of the time I'm home and my roommates know its because i watch a shot ton of netflix