By hunnybaby0319 - United States
Today, I went to pick up my car from where I parked it last night. I walked over to my parking spot only to find a vegetable stand there in its place. Apparently, that's the location of the Saturday Market and they had my car towed. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

Lettuce all learn a lesson from the pickle you're in. You can't beet City Hall, so I hope you relish your walk. Orange you mad that they towed your lemon?

  Stupified  |  0

What's up with all the puns? Y'all are copycats. You just don't appreciate the fruits of my labor. I clearly beet you guys with my lively animal comment in the othe FML. Would it have bean that hard to not steal my idea?

  Icyyy  |  0

Op, I'm going to tell you one thing and one thing only. Cars going at epic speeds heading for vegetable stands > Vegetable stands. ; )