By Told_You_So - 09/07/2009 06:33 - United States

Today, I was in the car with my mom and dad. My mom turned around and asked, "Have you had sex yet?" I said no, which is true. My dad cracked up and said, "Told you so!" My mom frowned, took out her wallet, and handed him $20. My parents bet on my nonexistent sex life. FML
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Well at least your parents are funny!

Atleast your Mum has faith in you.


Well at least your parents are funny!

Jmido 0

FYI because you haven't had sex yet.


No, #27, you're 27. Don't think you're all high-and-mighty because your post was attached to #1. Nobody cares.


OP, ask your dad if he ever given your mum an orgasm, that will shut him up.

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Hey #27 grow up -_-.

MadaFaka_fml 0

how old r u anyways?

Yeah, it's nice your mom isn't all freaked out about sex.

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very true very true at least your mom is really cool she was betting that you did... i would love your mom

JoshTheMaggot 8

either way guys 27s a dumbass cuz he would have been 3rd. learn count dumbass. and as for the OP fyl. but atleast your not a whore. :)

true dat my parents are annoying as shit

78, but then she could be freaky with sex. OP, uncomfortable much :(

better than them calling you a whore.

On the bright side no one can call you a slut in your family and it's not THAT bad that you're a virgin....depending on how old you are, if you 30 then FYL

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how old are youu?! lmfaoo funny parents

Jeeze OP, you fuckin whore.

iSmellNice 2

This reminds me of the guy whose parents bet whether he was gay

I thought the same thing.

Atleast your Mum has faith in you.

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God forbid that she sully her feminine virtue, eh?

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That's EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read it. Haha! At least his mom thought he had. Dad knew best I guess. =P

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perfectwinds - OP is a she. =P


I know, ask your dad if he ever given your mum an orgasm, that will shut him up.

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#4 yeah her mom had faith in her but she let her down!

I can't wait to do that to my kids someday XD

Oh for sure. FML has taught me some of the best ways to deal with kids.

Forreal. I'm for sure doing this to my kids too. Except I hope I don't lose $20

At least your dad has faith in you.

Or your mom, depending on what you think 'faith' would be :-)

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I don't think "he can't get any" is having much faith.

Your parents sound hilarious :)

i am so doing this to my son one day!

Damn well I guess it is alright if you are still living at home... but FYL get some hahaha

Wow. Actually, shouldn't your parents be happy you haven't had sex, especially if you're waiting for the one?

why would they be happy that she's a freak?

What make you think Virgins are all freaks?? Sexual preferences are different for different people. Learn to respect it asshole. I'm 20 year old straight guy and I'm still a virgin. I don't see anything freakish about me!! Go FYL