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By happyturtle - 01/09/2013 09:57 - Croatia

Today, my friend told me she turned down a job as a babysitter because she didn't want to be secretly videotaped, as she knew the people had a nanny cam. I wasn't aware of this when I took that same job a few nights ago and asked my boyfriend to come by. We had sex on their couch. FML
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This is so disrespectful. They are your employers and you have a job to do.

...and that is the exact reason why there are nanny cams...


This is so disrespectful. They are your employers and you have a job to do.

Seriously, why the hell would you think it's a good idea to **** while you're at work? And while you're babysitting!! You may have scarred that kid for life. YDI

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Ye Op your a bit of a weirdo, ur job is to babysit, have coitus with your boyfriend on your own time.

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@11 I'm going to take a wild guess and say the kid was sleeping in the other room or something. Although, that certainly doesn't justify OP's actions.

Times certainly have changed. When I was a teenager and babysitting, I tried to not even take a nap while I was on duty, never even considered having friends over. That's wrong and very disrespectful.

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So true! Who has sex in someone else's home, let alone there "boss's" home! Gross!

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#94: I'm pretty sure she's minding only one thing during the action, and it's not the house. Besides, we all know that creeping is your job; not the babysitter's.

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#102 What? Where did anyone mention paedophiles?

109, he said "God knows what would have happened if he was". The way he states this clearly implies that it hadn't been mentioned before, but, had it been the case, it would've made the situation even worse, while it technically was still in the realm of possibility.

Thank you #123. Yes, this is what I meant. When you trust one person to watch your kids you don't know the people they might bring into your house. This is why I do not trust anyone except for family to watch mine. I honestly don't see why the thumbs down but whatever.

I'm confused, is OP *ACTUALLY* looking for sympathy here?

I have a feeling OP won't be babysitting in that neighborhood any time soon.

yea because kids aren't known to wake up get out of bed and go looking for an adult when they hear something strange or need something to drink etc. the fact is it is potentially scarring if a young one happened to catch them

XxDancerGirlxX 17

Same here. I used to babysit in high school. 3 years and I never even had friends over. Even when the parents said it was ok. I had 4 kids I was responsible for, I didn't need any 16-18 year olds to look after also.

Don't worry perdix, I thought your comment was funny

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151 - Or she may, if people are into that. While I'm thinking about it, most babysitters are paid by the hour. OP had sex while on the clock. Wouldn't that make her a prostitute?

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All because they're close family doesn't mean they're incapable of harming your child either. I was very close with my uncle from the time I was born until 6th grade. In 7th he molested me and I never thought in a million years that he'd betray me like that.

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I hope they upload it to YouTube YDI

she could go sit down somewhere, read a book, watch tv. she cant control herself for one night and not bang her boyfriend in someone else's house? I hope they tell her parents too! Even if she's not a child that would still be embarrassing.

@172 Nope. She WAS being paid on the clock BUT it's on camera! Therefore it is considered a porno! Not prostitution! Haha

Not to mention on the couch where everyone including those kids sit and probably even nap..very rude and disrespectful id never even think to do that while babysitting

...and that is the exact reason why there are nanny cams...

Precisely! You should never invite someone over while babysitting. You're being paid to take care of their child, not satisfy your sexual needs. Have a little respect, for your employers and yourself.

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You took the words right out of my mouth! Shame on you OP!

Actually, the part about inviting people I'm not aware of into my house as the babysitter's employer is the part that offends me more than what the babysitter did if my kids were down and asleep already. No, I wouldn't want Op specifically having intercourse on my couch, but it's just as much a use of her time as sitting there and watching TV is. It's just the biggest issue for me would be if my kids are being neglected (or traumatized) while she watched TV, or ****** herself. If not, and she didn't have guests, I wouldn't care. ;p

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You are correct! To collect more for their personal spank bank collection. Oh... That's not what you meant?

I disagree. The only time you should have someone over there is if you had permission from your boss to do so as long as that other person understands they are not getting paid and if something went missing it was on your hands. There have been times when I accepted babysitting jobs from other people and the employer told me it was ok to bring one friend but gave me extra rules and I had to let them know when I would bring them. I usually never did but some nights I did when I knew a storm was coming or Halloween was approaching (I had a lot of fears thanks to my own family scaring the shit out of me a lot) and was a little more scared to be alone on those nights thinking some murder was gunna break in and shit. Like I said, permission is different but I wouldn't invite a boyfriend for one (even with permission) and I most certainly would not have sex while on the job at my employers house. That's rude and disrespectful.

and that's also why they were looking for another babysitter.

YDI for not doing your job -_____- what if the kids saw you?

Seriously!!! This is so messed up! When someone hires you to watch their kids, most of them expect you to watch tv or whatever after they've gone to bed. But it is a huge no-no to even invite anyone over (remember they trusted YOU alone in their house with their kids, no one else), and especially to screw on their couch! Yuck! I would throw out my couch and depending on how old you are, call your parents to let them know what a trampy tramp they have as a daughter.

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I don't think there'll be a next time... for her that is.

You can't ask that. I really hope you're joking, because although it is private, it shouldn't have been done. Regardless of whether there are cameras or not, I'm sure you knew it was wrong, yet you still did it. You couldn't have waited to get home?

lb0812 18

I think that would defeat the purpose of the nanny cam.

In all honesty though, if it was in their house and their nanny cam? It can't possibly be private right? It was OP's sex, but in the bosses house and camera. So I think OP has no control over the footage.

Nanny cams are used to make sure the baby sitter doesn't do anything illegal while they are in your home, such as hurt your kids, steal your things. So, asking them to delete the footage is fine, but if you think they will do it then you are an idiot.

It is private - THEIR private home. OP should just be quiet and hope her dad doesn't find it on a **** site

If it was so private, maybe she should've done it on her own couch...

TheDrifter 23

Wow, classy. Teaching their kids about the birds and the bees a little early aren't you?

They pay you to look after their child, not to have sex. That line of work involves you geting paid a much higher rate.

If you know someone who pays $20 an hour for babysitting, tell them to call me. I don't think I've ever been paid more than $5 an hour

54 - Where I'm from it's next to impossible to get babysitting done for less than $10/hr. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're even required to pay at least minimum wage these days, which is $10.25/hr.

I have been babysitting in the wrong places, apparently.

You can set your rates. I do $10 for children older than 5, $15 for infants.

I won't go below $10 per hr. (one kid).

skyttlz 32

I once got a total of $15 for 7 hours. Needless to say I haven't been back.

It's also been my experience that rich people pay shittier than poor people do.

YDI for being disrespectful and inappropriate. That's disgusting.

Agreed. There is no way OP doesn't deserve this.

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It is. They ****** on the couch.

Why would you do that in someone else's house? Especially with kids in there! Have some respect.