By terpity12 - 07/08/2009 19:39 - United States

Today, I rescheduled my doctor's appointment for a tetanus shot to go camping with my friends. While running on a path at the camp site, I stepped on a rusty nail that went right through my shoe and into my foot. Maybe I should have kept my appointment. FML
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It just reading it... ouch. FYL, hope it gets better.


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It just reading it... ouch. FYL, hope it gets better.

but if you kept the appointment and missed the trip, you wouldnt have stepped on the nail at all , thus not needing the shot. PARADOX.

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Since he isent he should use the chuck norris method. Glare at your foot until it heals

haha yep! thats wat i was thinking too! plus doctor appiontments are boring and shots hurt so there u go. but fyl hope its okay that really sux

LOL 22 has a point. But really, you shouldn't cancel doctor appointments... I mean isn't your health a bit more important than something you can do pretty much at any time? Unless you never get to spend time with your friends EVER...

A camping trip is generally much harder to reschedule than a doctor's appointment.

#48... I'm pretty sure that going to the doctors and getting a shot > dying a slow and painful death by tetanus... But that's just my opinion

But I'm sure the doctor's appointment was scheduled before the camping trip was, yes?

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can't you get the shot after words and it will be just fine?

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yeah, so it doesn't actually matter WHEN he got the shot...

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ugh ahh i can't even read it cuz it gives me the chillz

First time I've ever seen the same person get both top comments .-.

ahaha yeah.. probably should've too late now

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LOL I stepped on a rusty nail right AFTER gettin a tet shot yrs ago... STBY!

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Wow like ur going to die overnight seriously quit crying AND man up dude nobody cares.

wow your cool. if nobody cared then why do so many people come on here to entertain themselves? Its just something to pass the time and you dont need to be such a jerk to the them. that really does suck.

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You cared enough to write this

happened to me once. it was probably worse than what you got. because the nail i stepped on was pretty bid and i didnt have any shoes on and it was a rusty nail.... it was infront of my house. i was walking my dog in the yard....


Okay, I shivered when I read that. *shivers* Dx

I moderated this! And ouch, that must suck. FYL.

this seems to convient to be real. I'm calling fake. and rusty nails in the woods?? really?? where do you live new jersey?

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it says Rhode island. and in many hiking trails you will find rusty nails, like markers for a trail. maybe one of these fell off.