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Today, I was bored at work, so I started doodling a big muscly arm on my notepad, including bulging veins. After I returned from lunch, my boss called me into his office. Apparently the mail clerk saw and was offended. I was asked to explain why I was drawing a person's 'private area'. FML
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Explain to him you were drawing an arm, let him laugh at your ridiculous attempt at art and then after a few weeks the whole thing will blow over!

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Either you suck at drawing or that's one gross-looking dick.


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like 10% of people have it.

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superbad definitely

Why would anyone draw an arm? Don't lie, you were drawing a penis

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did it have an elbow?

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well it's not ur fault u can't draw

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hahaha ^win

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tell the mail clerk to get his mind out of the gutter

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I doubt it had an elbow is someone mistook it for a 'private area'. haha

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Which "arm" part did he/she think was the balls?

flabby elbow skin.

Explain to him you were drawing an arm, let him laugh at your ridiculous attempt at art and then after a few weeks the whole thing will blow over!

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You shouldn't have said blow, it made me laugh.

agree with # 24. knew a girl like that in college. i think she took roids. she never wore underwear to class. she had a large camel toe mons pubis that we cold all see. we called her MP = MUSCULAR PUSSY.

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Either you suck at drawing or that's one gross-looking dick.

why is everyone assuming dick?? Poster said person's private area. It can be a vagina (picture the fold of the upper and lower arm). I know poster said veins were drawn, but mailman could have thought it was one of those female body builders!

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gross either way

Justin Bieber is not allowed to say shawty. No, not, and never. The kid is a flaming lesbian.

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dude, ive never heard of a veiny vagina

Amen. I have yet to see a vagina with muscles and "bulging veins". I think those are both characteristics of a penis, although I could be very mistaken. [=

I love Justin! <3 dooon't hate cuz ur not famous, shawty ! ;)

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Only a Picasso could make a muscular arm look like a dick. Congrats.

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That's one way to look at it. Or maybe he just really sucks at drawing. Either way, just explain to your boss that it's an arm. It'll be forgotten in a couple of days.

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No, Vangoh does a mean dick. He also makes mean sammiches. I'm just sayin'.

or maybe free hugs, you just suck at being pretty (display pic)

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Wow, I'm impressed. So witty of you Helo. I love you too.

Man, you're a sick!

I love myself also.. where did that even come from

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Well you were so nice, I thought I'd be nice back.

when was I nice to you?

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I guess all the sarcasm was lost. Point is, I really couldn't care less about what you think of me. How come you don't have a pic?

because I don't want to show off how ugly I am

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So that's what I'm doing? Guess you can't blame me...

what? you are showing how ugly you are.. look at the pic

I'm glad you said it in #86, helo2, because I was about to back up your defense. In criticism, it's the opinion that matters. If you criticize someone in a negative manner, they can do the same to you and call you a hypocrite. But like a good critic, you have hidden your appearance and in no way can be considered a hypocrite. Not that I approve of people attacking the appearance of others, just that it seems that's the victim's only defense when it happens.

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I'm sorry you have such low self-esteem Helo, but I'm tired of stooping down to your level so we can end this lovely "conversation" right here :) And yes I'm beautiful, as I'm sure you are too.

Thank you. If you are tired of " snooping down" then we mine as well end it. besides it's past my bed time

Free-hugs your ugly, no excuses.

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Sounds like someone needs a hug :)

not nice 

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ugggg. do i have to stalk Hugs to every fml? stop picking on her! -__-

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XD Right man!!!!!

Im not sure that will be needed Ninja... She seems to be pulling off the carefree tactic very nicely. =P You're beautiful hugs.

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me too snicks. i hate how people hate on random people who aren't as bitchy/mean/ugly as they're made out to be. -_-

helo2 is funny. u ppl are annoying, don't deny she's kno she is. and I'd have a picture up but I'm on my iPod touch and icant upload a picture to my profile right now soo. yeah. helo2 ur cool man.

If you're ugly on the inside who cares what you look like on the outside?

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173... in an earlier comment you claimed to love Justin bieber. You are not allowed to contribute anything to a conversation, ever. get off the Internet you sad middle schooler.

I agree w/ 183 Justin bieber is a sad excuse for a guy he sounds like a girl... and all his songs are LAME!!!

ooops i mean 185... my bAd

hugs I think you are pretty... ;3

hugs, just ignore that dickhead, you're beautiful :)

sounds like someone needs a slap in the face.

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or a punch.. i call dibbs.

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Totally agree. She's beautiful and some people are just jealous.

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I'd like a hug from Hugs. nice.

slap/punch < roundhouse kick to the face

who are u to tell me what coversations I can be or not. u fat gay guy. ps sublime sucks, they're from my city

hahaha I agree but shhh... I don't want her/him to find out!!! haha sorry but it's true!!!

you were bored at work during this economy?? lucky you.

At least the mail clerk didn't ask if he wanted to 'arm wrestle'.

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y would u draw an arm in the first place.., and in how many ways can an arm look like a d***, how bad an artist r u?!

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"Why would you draw an arm in the first place. Also, how many ways can you make an arm look like a dick, how bad of an artist are you?" ^This... Is totally not epic fail ;P Sharingans only bitch!!!

you doodled a penis and said it was an arm?

weak eye...

Well at least you can forget about going to school to major in Arts, right?

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I agree with 9

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hah epic failure.

you mean epic fail, idiot

Chill on the nerd rage Yaz. [=

fail is failure, dumbass

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You were drawing a dick just like that kid from Superbad but you just didn't want anyone to know so you said it was an arm.