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Today, I was bored at work, so I started doodling a big muscly arm on my notepad, including bulging veins. After I returned from lunch, my boss called me into his office. Apparently the mail clerk saw and was offended. I was asked to explain why I was drawing a person's 'private area'. FML
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  ladiesman14  |  0

agree with # 24. knew a girl like that in college. i think she took roids. she never wore underwear to class. she had a large camel toe mons pubis that we cold all see. we called her MP = MUSCULAR PUSSY.


why is everyone assuming dick?? Poster said person's private area. It can be a vagina (picture the fold of the upper and lower arm). I know poster said veins were drawn, but mailman could have thought it was one of those female body builders!

  Free_Hugs10  |  0

That's one way to look at it. Or maybe he just really sucks at drawing. Either way, just explain to your boss that it's an arm. It'll be forgotten in a couple of days.

  Ajjas013  |  6

No, Vangoh does a mean dick. He also makes mean sammiches.

I'm just sayin'.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

I'm glad you said it in #86, helo2, because I was about to back up your defense.

In criticism, it's the opinion that matters. If you criticize someone in a negative manner, they can do the same to you and call you a hypocrite.

But like a good critic, you have hidden your appearance and in no way can be considered a hypocrite.

Not that I approve of people attacking the appearance of others, just that it seems that's the victim's only defense when it happens.

  Free_Hugs10  |  0

I'm sorry you have such low self-esteem Helo, but I'm tired of stooping down to your level so we can end this lovely "conversation" right here :) And yes I'm beautiful, as I'm sure you are too.


helo2 is funny. u ppl are annoying, don't deny she's kno she is. and I'd have a picture up but I'm on my iPod touch and icant upload a picture to my profile right now soo. yeah. helo2 ur cool man.

  sublime93  |  0

173... in an earlier comment you claimed to love Justin bieber. You are not allowed to contribute anything to a conversation, ever. get off the Internet you sad middle schooler.

  MadaZer0  |  8

"Why would you draw an arm in the first place. Also, how many ways can you make an arm look like a dick, how bad of an artist are you?"

^This... Is totally not epic fail ;P
Sharingans only bitch!!!