By wat_dafuq_bro - 06/05/2013 06:06

Today, I ran into my ex-girlfriend. Being the mature one, I went up to her and said, "Hey, how's it going?" She maced me and kept walking. FML
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Really? She hit you with a mace? Where does one buy a big spiked iron ball on a stick these days? I could really use one.

You should put her number on Craigslist


Really? She hit you with a mace? Where does one buy a big spiked iron ball on a stick these days? I could really use one.

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Thou should check Ye Olde Shoppe for all ye defensive needs...

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I got mine for free with a happy meal :)

First it's kids running around with knives, now it's maces. where will it stop?...

I really hope that was sarcasm. If not, mace is a brand of pepper spray.

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Walmart. They have EVERYTHING

Internet? They have everything on the Internet!

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walmart, internet, ebay, macy's???? where is the best place?!?! it's like none of you even have a mace!

Bud K is where I got mine

C-c-c-combo breaker. (referring to 99's not-even-remotely sarcastic/joking reply)

Originally, "mace" referred to a club with a weight on the end. What you're referring to was known as a flail. Although I think video games have made this misnomer more widely known than the correct terminology.

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I thought the difference was that flails had a chain attaching the ball, but a mace was attached to the handle.

Wizardo 33

No, no, no a flail is more commonly known as a Magikarp, a well known flailer in the realm of Pokémon and a user of the flail move 'Splash', a mace is completely different.

Screw her! If she is like that, then you probably don't need her.

Duh, hence being called the EX-girlfriend.

I think it depends on why they broke up. If the ex has reason to think he's dangerous or something, then maybe she made the right decision. One of my exes was very abusive, if he tried to talk to me normally I would punch him and leave.

Well she probably feels great now that she was able to vent her frustrations out on you.

She'll feel even better when she has a few years in prison to mull over what she did. Dude should press charges.

What a bitch! But if u ignore people like that, u are the smart one!

Kinda hard to ignore an eyeful of irritants, isn't it?

Maybe revenge to do with bugs? Because last time I checked, bug is super effective against dark types.

You should put her number on Craigslist

Say "Interested in meeting up, send dick pic first."

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Put up "car for sale" take a pic and make it really really cheap happened to my buddy

Guys, dogs belong under the "Pets" section.

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That would be a shitty to do. We don't know how he treated her. He might be a total pos.

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If she treats you like that after you tried to be civil, then you're the lucky one OP!

She is either a little psychotic or maybe you did something terrible to her in the past and she can hold a grudge....

of course she can hold a grudge, she's a woman

I wonder if perhaps OP was abusive and so now she finds his mere presence threatening. Not likely, since she "kept walking" rather than ran away, but it's a possibility if she's overconfident in the effects of mace.

But still mace..? I mean its kind of extreme.

Just so I'm clear. Mace is a kind of pepper spray right? We don't call it mace in England:P

#93, Mace is just very strong pepper spray, designed to be used to repel bear attacks. Anyway, pepper spray is illegal in the UK. :P

Why does 13 have so many upvotes? Wtf? Sexism is not something to be approved of. (besides, I'm a woman and I can't hold a grudge at all, except against my mother)

I might be mistaken OP but I think she is still resentful over whatever happened in the past between you 2