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By notsomuchinlove - 07/08/2009 08:55 - United States

Today, I had a seizure at my boyfriend's. The second I began to seize, he cursed and picked me up, dropping me on the floor complaining, "Now I have to clean the damn couch." I had urinated because I had no control over my body. The couch is still stained. He dumped me for ruining his furniture. FML
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awe, what an ignorant weiner.. I'm sorry :(

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well at least now you can find a guy who can actually HELP you when you are seizing. and now that you are not seizing and free of that jerk you get to laugh when you think of what you did to his couch =)


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awe, what an ignorant weiner.. I'm sorry :(

You should know that you seize and take medication.

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4,000 mgs of keppra and 300 mgs of Zonegran haven't controlled my seizures - I'm allergic to the other 11 options. Also my seizures occur in the left frontal and temporal lobe. They only perform surgery on the frontal lobe if its life threatening, so even if I'm one of the lucky few who is eligible for brain surgery, I still will be having seizures afterward. You should know that most people with epilepsy cannot control their seizures with medicine, and epilepsy medicines have a tendency to stop working after the patient has been taking them for 10-15 years. Also, 59% of people taking namebrand medicine have increased seizure activity when switched to generic (or even from one generic to another) but the FDA allows pharmacies to switch your meds on you without telling you. I have my prescription written so that its illegal to give me generic keppra - hasn't yet stopped a pharmacists from trying to give me generic and trying to get me to sign for my medicine before handing the bag over so I can make sure its namebrand

even if she takes medicine, it doesn't mean she won't have any seizures at all. some people aren't so lucky so the medicine doesn't work perfectly on them.


i don't even know where to start here...for all those curious parties, it just says praise taliban over and over again for a long long time takes awhile to scroll all the way down

i'm so sorry! that really sucks!! he's a douchebag and he'll get what he deserves! and to #28.....WTF?!?!

damn, that must have taken you a while!

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people can become epileptic at any point in their life. It may have been her first seizure, and even if she took medication it can only keep it under control at best. They can still have seizures on medication, it just makes it so it's not as often or as violent.

You crazy ass bitch! I would have dumped you if you ruined my furniture. you're not a dog, we do that outside! YDI

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wtf? no. just because u typed i will not. OP: be glad he dumped. now go back and shit on his car. See how he takes that :^)

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It's a seizure, you can't control your body you dumbshit. I'd love to make you collapse in a fit of epilepsy and see how your bodily functions fare. OP: FYL. But hey, go find a guy that really cares about you and will understand. There are plenty of them out there, I promise.

I have seizures too, only when I sleep-I scared my husband, then boyfriend to death the first time we slept together, now he is great avout changing sheets, you deserve better,much much better, he's a dick if he dumped because of that

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I guess you could say that you "seized the day" you dirty nasty bitch, who pee's on someones furniture? I'd kick you out too that shit is gross I'd hit you on the nose with a newspaper and throw you out as well!

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wow, I hope one day some comes along and beats you with a stick then leaves you out in the gutter all bloodied up and the Paramedics and the DA turn a blind eye... you're an idiot.

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I am so sorry that this had to happen. I am sure that was probably the most painful way to discover he wasn't the right one for you. Someone who will love you and cherish you is out there regardless of all the problems you may have. Just take a step over your ex, he's just a nasty obstacle that you got through with. Good luck, my dear, and bless your soul.

#258, please tell me you're kidding. I used to have benign childhood epilepsy, and it's one of the scariest things. Don't talk about things you don't know. Oh, and think before you post, dipshit.

good, op u don't need an a**hole like that!

yeah? and you deserve a seizure! that's rude!

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yer a dick head, no one can control their bodies when they are having a seizure. It's the muscles spazzing, and you know how you go to the bathroom? yer muscles have to relax and push into your bladder/large intestine, and while having a seizure it is common that a person loose control of their bladder.

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#258 you're a prick. you can't control having seizures.

are you serious? wow thats ****** up.. its okay god will punish him and when he it


it's true...god or karma or whatever force is driving the universe will bring the next chick he dates is going to have a seizure, the only one she'll have in her life, and it'll be while she's giving him a hummer. and the universe will be back in sync. (plus, if it really goes down like that, you owe me a cookie...all of you)

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wow the guy who dumbrd u is a douche. you should crap on his rug next time...wait im sorry that was in sensitive. forgive me. im sorry words just come out sometimes.

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Don't forget that if his new gf seizes while giving him a hummer there always the possibility she'll bite it off. ;)

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I wish there was something you could do back to him though. If he "dropped" you on the ground, you could pretend that you broke something and make him feel guilty or something. Idk...but seriously, what a douchebag of a boyfriend. You're better off without him.

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well at least now you can find a guy who can actually HELP you when you are seizing. and now that you are not seizing and free of that jerk you get to laugh when you think of what you did to his couch =)

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I had a black out before with my boyfriend (hypoglycemic) and woke up in my pajamas the next morning in bed. He could have gotten pissed that I did it while doing the dishes and got glass and water all of the floor that he had to clean up (no not as bad as urine on a couch but still). He took care of me. You need someone like that.

How is he a jerk pray tell? Just because he's not ready to deal with that kind of shit? Most people aren't. It's not a big deal; it's good that she gets to move on to someone better for her, but this guy is not an asshole.

Now if you had a seizure while on his dick, he wouldn't have dumped you.

Don't you know people bite off their tongues. She could have bitten his dick off!!

#7 You. Are. A. Dumb. Ass. I said it nice and simple just for you =) You do know that seizure has the word "seize", as in "seize up" in it right? She would have bitten down...hard. That, OP would have been a more than excusable reason for his dumping you. Losing control of your bladder because you were having seizure must have been embarassing enough, then he felt the need to toss you off the couch and blame you for it? One word: Ass (and all of its synonyms)

Yeah, she could've have done it so good with tongue and everything, and when you put on the strobe lights to spice things up, she'll attach on to his dick and could bite it clean off! All you have to do is stab her in the head a few times with a fork. Works every time.

uhh i wasn't talkin about head, haha.. i was sayin, if she was on top of him.. and was having a tonic-clonic seizure.. he probably wouldn't have noticed and thought she was reaching ****** and squirting. and yes #126, i do know what a seizure is.. i'm a doctor. i've heard some pretty random stories regarding them - including this one.

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Imajinethat, Peope DO NOT bite off their tongues during a seizure -neither do they swallow them. There is NOT ONE single instance of either happening in recorded history. If you don't know what you are talking about, don't speak. Its myths like the one you posted that lead to people endangering epileptics lifes by needlessly shoving things in their mouths during the seizure - the only that does is cause us to break our teeth and/or choke on the object you put in our mouths. Yes you bite down hard- I've got the scars in my mouth to prove it. But you don't bite down so hard you bite off your tongue, not even a small piece of it

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#126 - A seizure refers to the electrical activity in your brain, not your actions. Convulsing seizures are the rarest kind to have. The most common kind to have is a "complex-partial" which is described for the lay man as "period of confusion." These people can often talk to you during their seizure, and some can even operate complex machinery during it, the same way you can drive a car while thinking about what you will buy at the grocery - they however will not be able to respond quickly enough to prevent an accident if you dart in front of the machine they are driving, even if they still have the capability to realize they need to swerve/brake etc #237 - most people who have seizures know they have them afterward. The description of common Partial seizures involves funny feelings, vision changes, hallucinations that you know are hallucinations at the time you are experiencing them, weird tastes/smells etc - Do you really think it was people who never had a seizure describing that? For the very few (and that is very few) who aren't able to remember their seizures, there are obvious clues you had one - IE no idea how you got where you were at, bruises, waking up on the floor, missing a period of time from your memory, extreme confusion, having removed part of you clothes, extreme mood etc. My last bad seizures began with a creepy feeling outside of my head and right hand (very common for seizures) and culminated with seeing a nuclear bomb explode on my right hand. I held my hand up to my eyes and concentrated on thinking that the bomb really wasn't there - while I was doing this I saw two hands. The real hand, and the hand the left side of my brain was showing me with the bomb on it If a person who has epilepsy has no idea they have seized, then likely do not have the capability to function in day to day life

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You're right. I can back this up because I have epilepsy (seizures) and I'm an expert on the topic. It is physically impossible to swallow your tongue and sticking something in their mouth can choke them. Turn them on their side, put something soft under their head, and call an ambulance.

Isn't it also important to time the seizure? I heard that somewhere... it's really beneficial for the doctors?

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Hmmm, I was pretty sure if you're having a seizure you're not really aware of what's going on around you.

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I have to go with you on this one. I hate to say it, but a part of me thinks this one is fake - or exaggerating. If it's not, that dude's a total dick and she's better off without him, but a non-aura related seizure has a total muscle loss and you lose your ability to comprehend what's going on around you while it's happening. Your eyes roll in the back of your head and you can't see a thing. You lose hearing for the most part and have temporary confusion when you come out of convulsing. There are varying degrees of this. This is not to say that this person did not realize what happened after the matter, but if that's the case it should have been clarified. Either way, total dick move if it did.

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I think she's describing what happened afterwards, because I was confused as to how he managed to pick her up while she was having a seizure. I think she had a seizure, and then the boyfriend put her on the ground, because she had peed on the couch. Of course, he would also have to dump her AFTER the incident.

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I kind of agree with 42. If she peed her pants during the seizure, something makes me think that she wouldn't have remembered anything, and I think it would've been PRETTY hard for her boyfriend to pick her up while she's having a seizure. Unless it is like someone said and it all happened after she got done with the seizure.

First of all, some people remember their seizures. And second, who couldve told her while yellingat her or maybe she couldve just went to conclusions. It isnt that hard to realize someone throw her off the couch.

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haha well i'm pretty sure she wouldn't have pissed on the couch if she could help it...........

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I had seizures from the time I was nine until I grew out of it at fourteen, and I was fully aware of my surroundings when they happened. I shook uncontrollably and couldn't speak, but I never blacked out. I could see and hear and feel and I knew what was going on.

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Oh, and it is quite possible to move someone when they have a seizure. Not everyone flails around like crazy. Some people just slump over and some people shake (like me).

not necessarily; you can have partial seizures which are more or less as strong as grand mals, but you still stay conscious. I've had a couple. also, when I do have grand mals (hasn't been in ages, wooo!) I always am aware before and usually not long after.

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She could have been having a complex partial with secondary generalization. If so, she would have remembered everything that happened up to the point the seizure generalized (which could be anywhere from a few seconds to several hours after the seizure began), and would have more than likely lost control of her bladder before the seizure was over (after generalization) You remember seizures that occur in only one hemisphere of the brain - some people can even operate complex machinery during these seizures, in the same way that you can drive a car while thinking about shopping. You can even carry on conversations during them You have no memory of generalized seizures, and there is a good chance you will lose bladder control during them. A partial seizure that secondary generalized has both components of being able to remember, and of losing conciousness

#92- please, please use commas. that whole rant was a bitch to read.

I had seizures as a kid and unfortunately was always fully aware of my surroundings during them. I've never experienced anything so frightening and wish I could have been unaware during them.

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No, you can be aware. Some people do go unconscious but most people are awake and aware of what is happening around them. My best friend is a diabetic and when she had her first seizure she was seven and can still recount it exactly as it happened. Most people do know and remember what happened and for you to put this comment on here just shows you're a dipthong with no clue what he's talking about.

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And your an insensitive ass!:

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# 11, yeah she definitely deserves it when that's something she has no control over.. Dick.

you are just lucky to be rid of him. a leopard always show it's spots and your bf sure did. if you knew you have epilepsy, doesn't your medication handle episodes well enough? a cleaning company can get out urine stains. anyway, he's a real prick.

She might not have epilepsy, im diabetic and i sometimes have seizures. Maybe low blood sugar? Ether way, what an ass of a bf

Not all seizure medicines work. My aunt has seizures, and even though she has been on a few medicines, and has a good one now, she still has seizures, albeit rare when she has one.